Coding One Direction

Lily is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science . From childhood, she has always dreamed of working for a video game company. However, she is stuck with the job of being a video graphic designer for One Direction. How will Lily's dreams and life change when the boys notice and find themselves fascinated by her?


10. Chapter 9

The next morning, I got work on time, albeit much effort to do so. I just had to get through this day then I can go home and hibernate in my bed for the rest of the day. I can’t believe people who party every night. I did not drink one drop of alcohol last night and I feel like I’m having a hangover. I just want to be alone today.

While I was working at my desk, Ashley dropped one of her tabloids on my desk.

Did she expect me to read it? I’m sorry, I only read proper pieces of literature.

She cleared her throat and crossed her arms while looking down on me.

I looked up and smile.

Ashley pushed the tabloid more towards me.

So, she did expect me to read it.

I reluctantly looked at the tabloid cover, and unexpectantly what was there immediately caught my attention.

It was a picture of me and Louis from the night before while he was hugging me. There was also a smaller picture of me smiling at Louis joke. The tabloid had the huge caption of “Louis’s new girlfriend or side girl?

What!?How about neither! This is yellow journalism. Why would they assume that I was romantically involved with him? Taylor was obviously in the picture. Why didn’t they assume that Taylor was involved with him? Or that we are just friends? Although we aren’t that would have been much better.

“Would you like to explain this?” Ashley asked while staring at me intensely.

I sat in silence for a moment, allowing my anger to lessen before saying anything I would regret.

“There is nothing to be explained.” I explained as calmly as possible. “They are obviously trying to sensationalize events just to get a juicy story.” I continued.

Ashley raised her eyebrows at me. Did she not believe me or was she so dumb she did not understand what I just said? Was it my use of the word ‘sensationalize’?

“Look, Ashley. You know me. Do I really seem like a girl who will push myself onto him?” I asked passionately.

Ashley faced soften. I know that she knows that I don’t even really like them. I try my best not to like them.

“Just keep your space from him and the rest of the boys. Don’t give them any events to ‘sensationalize’.” Ashley suggested while walking away.

I should keep my space? She should tell them to stay away from me! They are the one always getting into my personal space. I don’t even like them.

I couldn’t resist the urge. I couldn’t resist the urge to take a peak. I can’t believe that I am lowing my standards of reading by reading this tabloid. I just want to see what they are saying about me, although it would serve me well not to see. It turned to page 3 to see the full story. They had a few more pictures of me and Louis at the premiere. Ok, I think the audience gets it; Me + Louis + together at premiere = romantic involvement.

Talk about shallow and poor journalism. These people should get fired.

There was also a picture of Louis with another girl. I read the caption below the picture, Louis with long-term girlfriend, Eleanor.

Wow, she is really pretty, and she has a cool name like Eleanor Roosevelt, who I admired.  

I then moved on the read the article. They did get some information correct, like my job, age, name, and basic information about Taylor.

Oh my God, Taylor. I wonder how she is coping, or if she evens know. This is her kind of stuff, celebrity gossip. I am sure she knows by now.

I decided to give her a call. By the first ring, she picked up.

“Omg, did you see it?” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, I saw it.” I whispered back.

“My Twitter and Instagram is blowing up.” She stated. “This is so cool!” She proclaimed excitedly.

Cool? This is not cool!

“Taylor, this is not cool! This is stressful.” I shouted back.

“Oh, right. I remember that you don’t like attention. How are you doing, sweetie?” She asked.

“It’s just a bit overwhelming. I wish that some celebrity will just do some stupid shit so that I can just fade into the background.”


She laughed lightly. “You’ll be ok. Let’s just hope that Justin Bieber pee in more buckets.”

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