Crazy Right

Miley is a seventeen year old girl who had a really hard past she wishes that it never happened but she cant change the past but she can change the future. Read to find out more of Mileys past present and future. all grammer mistakes i am very sorry for i am not that good grammer.


1. My Past

  My name is Miley I am 17 years old and my life is not what you would call normal um.... lets go back ten years. When I was seven years old my grandma died she meant the world to me I told her everything she would always take me to the park and do lots of other thing with me. When she died it was really hard for me I really missed her, she really meant the world to me and still does  mean the world to me.

   Then, when I was eight my parents got divorced it was really hard and different for me living in two different houses it was really challenging but I made it though.

    When, I was nine I almost died, I was really sick and I was in the hospital over Christmas some nights I couldn't fall asleep thinking that I would not wake up, but again I got though that. I also got bullied because I was a little over weight. But it all stop over time. 

   When, I was ten years old life was prefect for me. I got strait A's in school and also made lots of friends I also met my two best friends Maddie and Ethan we wear great friends always together nothing could separate us until....




  Next year, my eleventh birthday everything went down hill. It was my eleventh birthday my house was set on fire, my dad died in the fire and I almost did too. My mom was murdered I knew someone was trying to kill my family they got my parents and I would be next.


--------------------------------------   Hi everyone um, so this is my first fanfiction  I hope you like it. I am really trying hard to write this I will update soon. I have a very busy schedule, so please do not get mad I am only 11 years old. This chapter is my whole life so far. So yeah I hope you enjoy this book I will enjoy writing it also school it starting up so I will not be updating very often but will be updating.  

So enjoy 

MY Little Carrots 


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