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4. the prosecution

I hook my rope onto the top of a high building I climb up there take out my beret and aim down the scope and see two men holding Pedro and and Maria there boss is behind some crates with two other men the two men are lined right up I take the suppressor of of the hand gun and put it on the sniper I aim and fire the shot goes through both heads and they drop then i shoot a flare and a couple of old vetrans I could find helped me out by taking my freands to safety now it's time to finish this I climb Down and sneak over behind some crates I find a whole army of a gang on the other side of the building where I couldn't see them I took out the rocket launcher and motions for my friends to get ready I shot I blew up most of the gang but there was still a built to fight I went in with my two mp40s and shot my way through every thing until there was nothing left besides the boss I Put the boss on his knees and shot him in the head finally no more dets to pay off I run to Maria and kiss her then I look at Pedro what happened to you I say then he both hug each other and things go back to normal.

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