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2. the party

After working out at the gym Pedro and I headed to the local liqueur store also known as Pedro's house we take four big speakers and a boom box and three coolers of any liqueur we could find like vodka,beer,whiskey and me and Pedro's supply of moonshine we have a moonshine still deep in the jungle we sell it to provide for our families. We take it to the the falls I set up the speakers and my boom box while Pedro starts setting up the lights and puts the coolers by the

Entrance. Later the girls start arriving as we'll as my girlfriend Maria later me and Maria are siting in the pool really it's just a hole in the ground but what ever we started talking about crime it's sad how there is only bad in the favela if only someone would be nice enough to stop the drug trafficking and the killing and the mugging if only the favela could be peaceful Maria says I know m but it's not like someone is just going to go out of there way to make the favela a better place I say I know Maria says anyway you wanna go have a couple drinks yah sure.

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