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1. pilot

In the favelas there is always crime. But were there's is always good even in the darkest of places. My name is Rafael and this is my story.

So what are you doing this week my best friend Pedro asks I don't know probably nothing I reply a minute went by and Pedro breaks the silence have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a one of those people" who I said one of those people he pointed over by the bay it was a 3 story house whith a pool and a beautiful garden and a statue with an angel. Yah I think about it but I don't fantasize about it I say as the waves come up onto the beach almost touching my shoes I love fantasizing about living in a house like that Pedro says that. Guy must have girls hanging of him u know it's good to have a dream he says I have a dream I said maybe a little to defensive. Oh yah and what's that Pedro I'm still trying to figure that out

hell why not ok tomorrow night you bring the music and the beer I will bring the girls we both laugh and then I say good night get up off the cool sand and leave. I walk down the dark street that leads to my house. I see a man out of the corner of my eye in a back alley wait there's someone else the man is mugging someone If only I could do something I walk into the small one room house in the favela. I take of my coat and shoes and lay down. I couldn't get much sleep that night I just couldn't stop thinking about the mugging. I wake up to find my door wide open so I open my droit take out my 44 magnum and barge into the bathroom to find Pedro shaving Pedro are you crazy! I say a little he says then laughs pats me on the back and walks out and sits down on my bed. So Rafael what are we going to do today he says well I was thinking about hitting the gym what do you say bro.

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