Phases of the Moon

"Just like the phases of the moon, we all have dark sides"


2. 002

The two stopped when they were in front of a big Bon fire. Teens dancing to the loud music holding red cups in their hands or trying to step over the ones thrown on the ground. The song that was playing was some random song playing a good beat you could grind to.

"What do we do now?" Alice stared up at Michael. Sure Michael was tall but Alice was short for her age. A sixteen year old being at the height of 5"5 was kind of weird.

Michael turned his head to Alice and smiled, the light if the fire illuminating half of his face. "Grab a cup pretend your drinking and dance! Have some fun" He laughed and grabbed two cups from the ground, handing one to Alice.

Alice looked down at the cup. Dirt was on the outside from where it landed on the forest ground. A little bit of the tan colored alcohol was on the bottom.

"Fine." She said and Michael laughed grabbing Alice's wrist and dragging her to the crowd.

"Dance with me" he said and started dancing in a weird way making Alice laugh. The smell of burning wood, weed, sweat and alcohol burned in her nose. But she ignored it. She did this for her best friend and she didn't want to ruin it for him.

"You know. I think we need a drink. Stop faking and actually take the risk. Don't you think Alice?" Michael asked.

Alice wasn't a risk taker. She didn't want to get in trouble. She was scared that everything she did she would get in trouble for which made it hard for her to do anything fun with anyone her father already thinks that Michael is a terrible influence and that scares her because Michael is her best and one of her only real friends

"Sure" Alice shrugged and let Michael drag her to the pug.

He handed her a cup go alcohol and leaned against a tree. " Are you staying and my house tonight?" Michael asked.

" I guess I don't want my dad finding out I have been drinking. " she said.

" you haven't even taken a sip of your drink" Michael laughed which made Alice smile.

Alice zoned out not listening to Michael's rant about why the newest addition if Assassins Creed is so expensive. She looked in the trees And tried to look into the dark. Nothing was there but she couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched ignoring the fact that there was wasted people everywhere around her. Something. Caught her eye as she started to look away. She recognized the girl in her biology class. Amanda was her name. She was pressed up against a tree with a guy attached on her neck. But that's not what caught her eye. I was. The dark glowing of the guys eyes she saw when he brought his head up. They kissed before he attached his lips to her neck. Amanda's eyes widened like she had stubbed her toe, or something. The guy placed his hand over her mouth and Amanda looked like she was screaming but it was muffled by the mans hand and the booming sound of music. She struggled to get loose but he didn't move. Soon she stopped struggling and stopped moving. The man removed himself from her and she dropped to the ground. The man looked at her and wiped red stuff from his mouth. This wasn't real. A cannibal at the party who might just kill all of them and put them in a human stew. Alice's eyes widened and she dropped her cup and turned to Michael.

" Michael we have to go right now" she said trying to pull him away from the crowd.

"What why?" He said stopping.

" just trust me we have to go something bad is going to happen!" She said getting anxious. That guy was a freak for the taste of human flesh. He just took a bite out of Amanda and killed her.

Just when Michael was about to say something a loud terrifying scream was heard. Alice looked at Michael.

"Run Michael!" She said and they held hands as they ran to what they thought was the right direction of the entrance or their exit.

They ran for what seemed like forever until they had to stop because Michael got tired and breathless.

"Michael hurry we have to go!" Alice whispered.

A snap was heard behind them before Michael could even open his mouth. Alice stepped slowly over to Michael and attached herself to Michael. Michael wrapped an arm around her to make Alice feel safer. They both stared in the dark searching for whatever stepped on the stick.

"Alice when I say go we run to the gate okay?" Michael whispered. Alice nodded in response too scared to speak.

"Well well well" someone said behind the two making them turn around. A man, or should I say boy, stood behind them with dark jeans, white t-shirt with a jean jacket over it. He had his hands in his pockets and the closer he got the clearer you could see the blood splattered on his white shirt. He noticed Alice looking at his shirt and he chuckled looking down.

"Sorry I made a mess. Haven't had a meal like that in a while." He said playing with the ring around his bottom lip.

Alice whimpered as another voice spoke up behind her. "Oh Luke, I didn't know we got some away. " he spoke.

Alice his her face into Michael side as his grasp tightened on her. " hmm, I'm a little full right now how about you Luke?"

" I'm quite full as well Ashton. Maybe messing around with them will make us a bit hungry" he smirked.

(Bahaha update!!! You like?? I like where this is going very much whalep. Bye)


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