Our Heroic Saviors

Living in a world called Eno Noitcerid, super Hero's Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn. Aka
Naroh, Selyts, Nosnilmot, Enyap, Kilam, Save the world one direction at a time from the emperor Nomis. With The world crumbling beneath them who would have thought five girls would be there to save them.

The girls names being: Ydennek, Egas, Ronaele, Lebasi, And Eirrep

Joining together to Saving Innocent fangirls from the toxic 'on-Laicos-Efil' being thrown down onto them by Nomis. Cursing every person it touches. Ending this once and for all.


1. the truth you should know

You all thought the boys were born normal like you in a normal world as told right? Well then this might be a hard concept to understand.

Let's go back a little shall we?

-23 years ago- A man by the name of Nomis went from where he was living -planet Ocys- to a planet called Pluto.*ik it's not a planet but it just goes with the story so hush up and read* He landed and used a special chemical he had made to make Pluto as big as the planet earth. He pulled out another chemical and he put it all around the planet and into the air using his ship as a carrier of the toxins. Those toxins are called Eno and Noitcerid. -which is how this planet got its name-.

(Eno thames the cold and makes it a safe Warm environment to live on and enlarged the planet. Noitcerid- is what he used to make plants grow and making it healthy. Also allowing air to breath.)

Nomis left and came back a few weeks later but brought a crew from planet Ocys to build homes and a lab for his own use. "Make it look like a regular city!" Nomis instructed. Three months later everything looked done and the work crew had already left leaving only Nomis there alone. He went into the lab and accidentally combined the two chemicals he had used on the planet. He thought about what he had just done and what could happen. thinking. He took out a smaller beaker and pored them together. The colours changed and he used a microscope to look down at it and see what had happened. He saw what he had just done. He made living human creatures. He put ten droppings of it onto ten Petrie dish's and he flew to Earth taking the creatures he had made with him. He found ten different people.

Nomis went to the European side and placed one into ten different families. He went in and placed the drops in every one of the mothers. He had noticed that the first few had already looked more mature than the others. A year later he had gone back down to earth on December 24th, One of his creations had been born and this was a male. His parents named him Louis William Tomlinson. A few years later now all five of the males he had created were born and they were Zayn Javadd Malik, Liam James Payne, Niall James Horan, and Harold Edward Styles. He went and checked on the females. They were all created too. They are: Eleanor Jane Calder, Perrie Louise Edwards, Isabel Paisley Fey, Kennedy Lynn brooks,and Sage destiny Grace.

They all lived normal lives until Nomis formed the five lads into a group on the X factor and made sure the idea of One Direction came up as a name. Harry said it because Nomis commanded him to yet Harry didn't realise it, nor did anyone else. He went to go command others to be fans but that was the only true thing happening. We are true fans he couldn't do anything about it.

Sage and Kennedy are singers on YouTube. -not real group people on YouTube. If there are I have no clue about it- Perrie is in a famous female band called Little Mix and Eleanor has taken the path of studying in collage. Well as you probably know, Someone signed the band one direction into Syco records and that's all the details you need to know.

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