Our Heroic Saviors

Living in a world called Eno Noitcerid, super Hero's Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn. Aka
Naroh, Selyts, Nosnilmot, Enyap, Kilam, Save the world one direction at a time from the emperor Nomis. With The world crumbling beneath them who would have thought five girls would be there to save them.

The girls names being: Ydennek, Egas, Ronaele, Lebasi, And Eirrep

Joining together to Saving Innocent fangirls from the toxic 'on-Laicos-Efil' being thrown down onto them by Nomis. Cursing every person it touches. Ending this once and for all.


2. chapter owt

(*Some things are spelled backwards through out. For example: my chapter title. That will be like that for every chapter with numbers and such ok well happy reading :D! -K*)

N I A L L 'S P. O. V.

"Boys, I feel different. I feel like I don't know something. And I've felt like this for a long time. Do you guys know what I mean?" I ask.

" Mate did you try to follow the rainbow to your pot of gold again? If you Did, did you get your lucky charms? I heard they are magically delicious!" Louis says while laughing.

I didn't even understand what he meant by that! "Louis...just shut up and drink your carrot juice." I yell at him.

"Niall, buddy. I understand what you mean. This morning I went to brush my hair and the brush got stuck to my finger tips. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't know if I had problems of any sort." Harry says confused.

"Wow really? I just meant like I felt this weird feeling and I've had this feeling forever. But now that you mention it, I have been weight lifting and I've been struggling with it for awhile but when I tried this morning I could pick it up not even trying." I say in realization.

"Guys we can talk later. We have a conference with simon today. So get dressed and after that we have a interview so hurry your arses up NOW! You have ten minutes GO!" Liam yells. We all run upstairs but something catches my eye.

It's Louis. He is running faster than anyone should be able to. Have you ever heard of 'The Flash'? Well Louis just ran about the same speed as that guy. Maybe I should ask simon about this.

-at Simons office-

"Why hello boys." He says not looking up from his desk.

"Hi!" We all say in unison.

"So boys. Anything new?" He asked.

"Well..." I start but Liam gives me the STFU look.

"Simon! Some of us have Been feeling a little weird and I have this new strength and Louis can run really fast. And I mean like FAST! And Harry said he was brushing his hair and the brush stuck to his finger tips!" I yell out ignoring...well trying very very hard to ignore Liam's death glares.

"Wait! You mean there is a mutation to this?! Oh my Frick. I need to locate the others and take you to our home planet. This will not end well." Simon says in a panic. I wonder what he is talking about...

What others is he talking about? "Others?" I ask. "there are others just like you. And I was there when you were created. We don't have much time though so help me find the others!" He asks desperately.

"Ok well let's go." Zayn says.

"Ok so we need to find Eleanor first. She will be easiest since she's in school." Simon says.

We drive to a local collage and get out of the car.

"Hi, yes I'm Eleanor's uncle and her parents have just called me and asked me to pick her up. It's a family emergency!" Simon says panicking. "Ok just give me a minute and please sign this." The lady says sliding him a piece of paper. He fills it out and a girl comes out to the main lobby.

L O U I S' P. O. V.

We are waiting and simon seems a bit anxious. I turn around and look out of the glass. I hear foot steps and everyone is walking outside to the car. I haven't gotten a good look at this girl but she better be into carrots if she wants to be My friend!

We get inside the car and she is pushed to where I am. But there aren't any seats left. "Where am I going to sit simon?" She asks sweetly. "Um just sit on one of the boys laps." Simon says but before she could do anything. The car speeds off making her fall right onto my lap. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry. The car started and I fell and I should've-" she says but I cut her off

"No love it's fine. I promise. It was a accident plus Simons driving is rubbish!" I say making her giggle.

"My names Louis." I say sticking my hand out. "Eleanor!" She says smiling and shakes my hand and I smile back.

"Off to find Perrie. This may take a bit longer. Might as well get comfy!" Simon yells.

"Cool beans." I say.

"There is her flat building. Let me get out and you all stay here!" Simon yells already leaving the car.

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