First & Last Kiss -A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction-

Miranda Edwards, a typical regular girl. Until one day she goes to a One Direction concert. She doesn't have a favorite boy from the band, she likes them all. Miranda has never been obsessed over them, just a fan. Louis seems to really like her over time and something tragic happens. Will Louis and Miranda have their first and last kiss before----.


2. Unexpected

-Louis T.-

         I heard a knock on the door and Harry opened it. "Who are you?" He asked her. "I am Miranda Edwards. I was taken here by some bodyguards and a lady." She said. "Come in." I said and she smiled, kindly. "Are you a fan of ours?" Liam asked her. "Definitely." I looked her and she looked at me. "So Miranda, right?" I asked her. "Yes." She responded. "Miranda, I was the one who wanted you to come back here and meet the boys....and me." I said and she blushed so hard. "You look nice." Zayn said smiling at her and she looked at her shirt.


"Thank you. I never really have had a favorite, until tonight." Miranda said and I looked at her. Niall was very quiet tonight, until he had spoken. "So where you from?" He asked. She gave him the craziest look ever. It was really funny and we all started laughing except Niall. "No, seriously, where are you from?" He asked again. "I am from Northampton. Its in England." She said slowly. "Niall stop being such a creeper." I said. "Come with me, Miranda." I said as I got up and we walked out the door.


-Miranda E.-

        He closed the door behind us and we were standing in the hallway. "Can you give us a minute, please?" He asked and the body guards and they walked a little down the hall. "I saw you in the crowd and I thought you were the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. You seemed so happy like you were care-free. Like nothing in the world could stop you, and that's the kind of girl I have been looking for." Louis said and I blushed.


        "Really? Thank you." I said and we both smiled. The dressing room door opened and all the other 4 boys came out running and was throwing around girl's bras and underwear. "Join us, Louis and Miranda!" Harry yelled and me and Louis looked at each other. "Shall we?" He asked me and I peaked a smile. "We shall." I said and we linked arms and he grabbed some underwear and started to slinging it around. We skipped down the hall after the other boys, I couldn't stop laughing.


           "It's been a long time since I had this much fun with a girl." Louis said and I laughed. We kept skipping and skipping like there was no tomorrow. Everyone jumped onto 2 golf carts and wanted to race. Louis, me, and Harry were on one team and Niall, Zayn, and Liam were on the other. We saw the guards trying to come get us off of them but Niall and Harry hit the gas really quickly, off we go.


           "This day was the perfect day, because I met you, Louis." I said and he held onto my hand. "This day was also unexpected because I didn't realize I would meet such a great girl, tonight." Louis said I kissed him on the cheek. We stopped what we were doing and turned around and saw that Niall was catching up to us. "Let's throw this stuff." Louis said. We grabbed the bras and underwear and threw it all at Niall's golf cart.


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