Fuck You~ A H.S Fanfic

I had a gun in my hand. Putting it up to a girls head. I pulled the trigger and heard a shot. I looked down and found her on the ground. I laughed and walked to the house, my gun in my hand. I knocked on the door and my lad Niall let me in.

Please do not copy. I worked very hard on this and I don't want to find another person copying me. All of this story belongs to me.




I heard a knock at my door. I looked at my clock and it was 7:00. Who the hell would be here this early?? I groaned and got up, going to the door. I has on a tank top and some shorts so it didn't matter. I opened it and saw Harry, my mouth gaping. "Harry, why are you here??" "Because I need to see you." "Come in." He smiled and brought his suitcase in with him. I got confused but I didn't worry. He sat down on the couch and I made us some tea. "Camille, can I stay with you??" "Um, I thought you had tour." "We have a 2 month break." I turned on my little cute radio that was on the shelf and 'Better Than Words' came on. I put my cup down and jammed out, Harry laughing. He got up and danced with me. I laughed at his funny moves. A romantic slow song came on and I leaned into Harry, my head on his chest and my arms around his waist. He had his arms around my back and kissed the top of my head, laying his head on it. I gotta admit, I loved this. I think I can forgive him. "Harry, I forgive you." "You do??" "Yes. I love you a lot and it broke my heart to leave you." He picked me up and spun me around, kissing my lips. I smiled and hugged him, him hugging me back. We both let go and drank more tea. I showed him our bedroom and he loved it. It had light blue walls and white fluffy carpet, a bathroom connected, and a huge round bed. He was going to live here with me so we could make some memories. I was happy he was back.


I'm so happy to have her back. I took her out to a pet store, getting a little puppy. She was wearing a cat shirt and some black skinny jeans, white vans to mach it. I pulled into the parking lot and she got out, pulling me inside. I saw this cute little brown boxer, she had her eyes on this cute big Dalmatian because she loves them. I decided to get her the Dalmatian and me a big boy Dalmatian so we have puppies. We put them both in the back seats and drove to our home. When we got there the dogs roamed around. We got them a huge bed and water bowls and food bowls, leashes to. We sat on the couch and cuddled together, watching a chick flick movie. I got up to check on the dogs, seeing them cuddle. I smiled and went to the kitchen and made some popcorn, grabbing us a cup of coke. I went back to the living room and saw Camille finding something on Netflix. I sat beside her and put the popcorn on my lap, eating some. She finally picked out a funny movie and cuddled into me, eating some popcorn to.

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