Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both live in St.Stevens Orphanage and, had never been fond of each other. They were both completely different, she was a quiet shy girl and he was a loud big headed jerk. Until something changes. When school pressure kicks in Justin goes to Selena for some help and nothing is the same again.


17. Seperation.

 Selena's POV:

 As we clambered onto the bus, Jaxon and his bushy haired friend joined us. You could tell that Jaxon idolized Justin, why wouldn't he? I made my way up the stairs, as the boy Bieber's followed. I looked around for my normal sit, which was staring at me. Empty. I walked swiftly towards the beckoning chair, that had made me feel so welcome for almost a year now. I clambered down and placed my bag beside me, Justin had taken the hint I was annoyed by his silence. He sat down slowly in the booth in front, to shortly be joined by Clara. I glared as she fumbled next to him, not accidently.

"Is this seat free?" She asked sweetly. Justin nodded and pulled his back onto the floor. I yanked my ear phones out and hid within my music.


"Selena?" A voice asked as I searched for my books in my locker, we had arrived late at break and I was pissed off and unorganised. The voice was Justin. I shut the locker slowly. He greeted me with a smile, I returned, less lovingly. "Why are you acting like this?" He suddenly roared. I gazed in shock.

"Wow, calm down." I laughed, as I carried on searching.

"No, you've been acting off with me ever since I told you that I couldn't tell you." I slammed my locker shut and turned to him.

"Okay." I smiled in annoyance, and turned to leave. He grabbed my arm and swung me back violently, making me drop my folders. "What are you doing?" I yelled, as I scrambled to the floor and picked them up.

"Listen then." He boomed as I stood back up again. "You have no right to act like a sour bitch to me."

"Excuse me?" I challenged, as the words hit me harder than they should.

"You shouldn't be even asking about the whole situation, it's got nothing to do with you."

"It obviously does." I rolled my eyes. "I know it was about me, it's obvious Justin." I said calmly.

"No." He shouted. "Stop thinking you know it all." By this point I could feel people staring, I didn't know who, but people were.

"Are you happy now?" I asked sharply. He scowled. "Making a scene for no reason?"

"If you weren't acting like a nosy cow we wouldn't have this problem."

"Hey!" I heard a different voice, Ari's voice. "Don't be so rude to her."

"Fuck off Ari, this has nothing to do with you."

"Well it does now!" She shouted back in anger.

"That's it!" I shouted over the top. "How dare you speak to my best friend like that..." I froze as he went to reply. "I don't want to see you anymore." I turned and stormed away. I had ended the fake relationship, that felt so real.

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