Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both live in St.Stevens Orphanage and, had never been fond of each other. They were both completely different, she was a quiet shy girl and he was a loud big headed jerk. Until something changes. When school pressure kicks in Justin goes to Selena for some help and nothing is the same again.


4. Orphanage.

 Selena's POV:

 Ari was dragging me through the crowds of people as I got multiple evil looks. We went into the Science Lab where Taylor was panicking, she was such a Science Geek. Whenever she was upset she would run up to a Science Lab and do a bunch of experiments and then cry. Ari walked in then jumped back and gasped.

"Her make up is running down her face." She coughed, Ariana was the biggest girlie girl you could ever meet, fashion, makeup and all things 'girlie' was her life. I rolled my eyes and walked in as Taylor was making a solution. She didn't even realise I was there until Ari burst in with her makeup kit. "It's okay, I'm here to help." Taylor screamed and dropped her test tubes on the floor in shock, then she got to more of a state.

"Get out of here! Especially you Selena." She weeped. What had I done? I turned my thoughts into words rather quickly.

"What have I done?" I asked.

"Nothing." She sniffed. "I'm just, so embarrassed about what happened and and, you were just there and he's my boyfriend and he doesn't know one of my best friends name." I smiled. That was only the second time she had called me one of her 'best friends'. Ariana has said it multiple times that I've forgotten. I avoided the glass and then hugged her. She rested her head on my shoulder.

"I don't care Tay, your more important than him." I pulled away and wiped her tears. The bell screamed making us jump. A Professor walked out and saw the smashed glass, Taylor then turned and cried a little so he would forgive her. He did. We quickly left and went to our next class.


 I lent my head on the bus window as I listened to sweet songs of Capital FM. As I looked up I saw my sister and her best friend strolling onto the bus. She smiled at me and went and sat behind. I looked up and then down quickly. Justin and his sister were boarding the bus. 

"Jazymn!" My sister called. She looked up and smiled, she is so stunning. She smiled at Jodie and Annabelle and wondered towards them. Justin looked around and caught sight of me and smirked. Why was he here? He was walking towards me and getting closer and closer. He looked at me then sat down in the seats in front. I sighed a little and watched the trees moving as we drove.

"Hi Betty." Justin blurted out suddenly. Everyone looked up, was talking to owner of the Orphanage Betty? Was I insane? "It's Justin. Yeah Bieber." He laughed a little. "Yeah, Jaxon didn't get the bus today, and I asked at reception and they said you picked him up...okay, yeah I understand. Yeah Jazymn came up to me at break."

"What you saying about me Jay?!" Jazymn belted from behind, Justin turned and glared. She sat back slowly in her seat, red in the face.

"Yeah, well I will see you soon. Were pulling up now...okay bye." The bus halted at my stop. This couldn't be right...could it?"

"Bye Annie, see you tomorrow." Jodie and Jazymn skipped ahead as Justin and I slowly stood up and stared each other. As we got to the end of the bus, I felt the cold breeze hit me. I stepped down and walked towards the Orphanage. Jodie and Jazymn were already there. They were walking through the gates. Justin Bieber was at my Orphanage. He would see me all the time. Oh no.


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