Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both live in St.Stevens Orphanage and, had never been fond of each other. They were both completely different, she was a quiet shy girl and he was a loud big headed jerk. Until something changes. When school pressure kicks in Justin goes to Selena for some help and nothing is the same again.


2. Lies.

 Justin's POV:

 I sat down and watched everyone walk into the corridor. History was the worst subject of my life. I looked up at Mrs Grant who was giving me the evils, I had always hated her. She looked at me up and down as I stood up, she then grunted.

 "Aw Miss what have I done now." I tutted as she glared.

"Just get out Bieber, I've had enough of your voice today." She fiddling with her papers as they suddenly all fell from her hands. She was an old fat lady, with dark purple hair. She had always reminded me of some fat witch from a fairy tale. As she lent down she moaned in agony. I quickly dashed over and helped her up.

"You okay Miss?" I asked in shock. She looked at me with her dark green eyes, as if she was trying to work me out. She didn't reply. I bent down and shuffled the papers into my hands and passed them to her, she looked at me in surprise with her eyes wide open.

"Thank you." She spluttered. I nodded and grabbed my bag and left. I stepped out into the crammed hallway as a bunch of people called my name. I only could hear one voice.

"Justin." A girl giggled. I turned around to see Melissa twiddling her dark curly hair and smiling.

"You alright Lis?" Lis is a name I've called her since she started to speak to me.

"Yeah." She took a step forward and put her hand on my hand. "It feels like we haven't been alone together in a long time." She had the slutty twinkle in her eye that she always got around me. I always used Melissa to have 'fun', but I started to feel bad and I didn't have sex with her for at least two months, and I didn't speak to her for at least a month.

"I know, we need a catch up." I nodded trying to act casual..

"Yeah, my place is free on Wednesday...want to come and visit me." She bit her lip slightly and fluttered her eyelashes.

"Aah Lis, I thought we had finished all that sh*t?" I questioned. She suddenly flung her hand away from mine in a stroppy manor.

"Fine. Whatever." She suddenly left without me saying a word. I was a dick to her, but I didn't want her to fall in love with me. As I turned someone bumped into me. I looked up to see Kyle Johnson smirking at me.

"She is so hot man." He drooled as he watched Melissa ass move left to right. "You alright anyway bro?"

"Yeah...where are the others?" I wanted to remove her from my mind.

"Dunno, I'm looking for Taylor, have you seen her." Taylor and Kyle had been together for two pointless years. He didn't even like the poor girl. He used her for money, grades and sex. But he never cheated on her.

"Man, when are you going to end it with her?" I asked, he glanced at me.

"The sex is to good to drop just yet." He laughed, I shock my head. "Safe man." He walked past me in the other direction. I headed down the school hallway to see the others all laughing. Josh was the first to catch a glance of me, then it was Connor, then Louie, then Nathan, and then my closet friend by far Ryan Butler. They all strolled over as we greeted each other.

"Where you been?" Connor asked.

"Melissa was on my case." I rolled my eyes as they laughed. "I saw Kyle, he was looking for Taylor."

"He's such a wet wipe man, he's messing her around." Nathan grunted.

"Says the person who has cheated on Anni seven times." We all laughed, we were moving slowly towards the door when I caught a glimpse of Taylor laughing with Ariana and Selena. I looked over, Ariana giggled. I winked at her as I carried on walking. I quickly turned back to see Selena. What was wrong with that girl? She was the most boring person I had ever met, and I hadn't even spoken to her in years.Then I looked at Taylor, I had always felt bad for her, her relationship with Kyle was a bed of lies.


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