Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both live in St.Stevens Orphanage and, had never been fond of each other. They were both completely different, she was a quiet shy girl and he was a loud big headed jerk. Until something changes. When school pressure kicks in Justin goes to Selena for some help and nothing is the same again.


3. Corridor Argument.

 Selena's POV:

 "She's so dramatic." Taylor said as she rolled her eyes and pulled out her Iphone. I stood and glanced her up and down, she was stunning. She was wearing our grotty school uniform but, her and Ari always felt like the only people who could pull it off. It was a dark skirt with a white top, with a stripy blue and yellow tie. U g l y. Taylor had long wavy blonde hair that sat just under her rib cage, we all had the same length hair really but, mine was probably the shortest. Ari's hair was long and luscious, it fell perfectly which made her blonde dip dye work. She had dark brown hair with blonde dip dye. I ha dark brown hair that just sits under my rib cage. Nothing special. Never has been. Never will be.

"Don't you think she was being dramatic?" I looked up at Taylor who had her hair draping over the side of her face as she scrolled through her phone.

"You're both as bad as each other." I replied as I pulled at my Iphone. No new messages. No surprise there. The only people who text me are my sister Jodie, Ari and Taylor. Sometimes Kyle, just for me to get hold of Taylor.

"She took it waaay out of hand." She replied as she looked pass me. "Pass me some lip gloss."

"What?" I said as I looked up from my daydream.

"Kyle's coming, pass me your lip gloss!" She urged under her breath.

"I don't have any, Ari always has it." Taylor panicked suddenly.

"Aah, right tell him I am in the toilet, I'll have to dig through my bag." She disappeared without me saying a word. Someone tapped me on the shoulder as I turned slowly.

"Hi." Kyle smiled reviling his pearly whites.

"Hello." I replied awkwardly as I fiddled with my hair. He looked at me up and down with a smirk. "Erm, Taylor's gone to the toilet." I stuttered.

"Haha, alright. We can have fun by ourselves." He winked, I scowled. "I'm joking." He laughed.

"It's not funny." I muttered.

"Alright." He rolled his eyes. I looked at him weirdly. He had been up to something.

"Oh hiya babe." Taylor smiled as she smoothed out her lip gloss on her lips.

"Don't act all innocent." He grabbed her hip and pulled her in. "You were in the toilet." She was started to giggle awkwardly as she made glances towards me. "Without me." He squeezed her bum as she screamed.

"Kyle!" She shouted as she went red as a tomato. My eyes widened. "Sorry Selena."

"Oh Selena that's your name, I was trying to remember."

"Thanks." I replied. Taylor was marching on the spot.

"I can't believe you did that, and just said that!" She shouted. People were starting to stare.

"What, it's called flirting Tay!" He yelled back, my eyes grew again. "Look at her, would you be able to remember her name if she stands there doing NOTHING?!" Taylor turned to me.

"Yes, because I would have the decency to ASK HER!" She yelled, everything was to much now. Taylor had told me before they argue a lot, but I never thought they would do it in the middle of the corridor. Before I could say anything someone stole the words from my mouth.

"Calm down." I turned around to see Justin Bieber standing there. I had never realised how good looking he was till he was up close. He had chestnut hair which flicked to the side, and creamy caramel eyes which made me melt. He looked at me in a way of disgust. That made the whole 'dream boy' image flash away within a second. Toni was right, Toni was my closet neighbour and she went out with Justin, she used to come round my house and cry to me or laugh with me about Justin. When they broke up Justin claimed he 'wasn't ready for a full on relationship' and on that same night he had sex with Sarah Hiller. Slut is the only word that could describe her, well and Toni seeing as their best friends now. I wouldn't see her much now anyway as Jodie (my younger sister) and I moved into the Orphange last year.

"Excuse me?" Taylor turned and walked away all red in the face, I went to run after her as someone grabbed my arm. I thought for second it might of been Justin, so I turned and saw Ari. She was smiling and had a lip gloss in her hand.

"We made up in the toilet." She smiled, I wasn't surprised. Ariana and Taylor had been best friend since they were little, their parents were best friends. The only reason we became close because I lent Ari a book in English. She suddenly shrugged me off her. "Look Justin, Kyle was so inappropriate in front of Selena here and-"

"Selena?" Justin said as he looked at me.

"Yes." Ari looked at him then me cautiously. "Anyway, If that were me I would feel embarrass."

"He was probably showing his affection, right Kyle?" Justin looked at me as Ari turned. "You know Toni Jackson don't you?" I nodded as I gulped.

"Your like best mates innit?"

"Were." He gave me a harsh look. "We er, were best friends."

"She said a lot about you."

"She's a bitch." Ari turned. "Come on were going now, bye Justin." She grabbed my wrist and dragged me away.




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