Germany x reader x Death the kidd: Who do I choose?


1. Who?

Germany x reader x death the Kidd love triangle
Who do I choose?
A/N: I don't know if inter-anime love triangles have been done, but I'm doing it anyway. This is for readers who like BOTH since I don't know who will end up with you, but it will be either the OCD shinigami (Kidd) or Germany (Ludwig) I am terrible with accents so I am terribly sorry. Here it comes... possibly the first inter-anime love triangle fanfiction.... Who do I choose?
"Hey, Kidd! What's up?" I yelled to my old friend, Death the Kidd. I was on a date with me boyfriend, Ludwig, also known as Germany, at the Death Cafe when Kidd and Liz walked in. Germany and I were visiting the states for the world meeting here in Nevada.  
"____. Hello."
"Hey, Liz is his OCD still bad."
"Yes, just as bad as ever. Now, who is this?"
"This is Germany. He came to the states for the world meeting, and I came too. So how's it been here? Did Kidd ask you out yet?" That made Kidd blush. "Come on, you haven't, have you, Shinigami."
"You probably haven't asked anyone out either." He was trying to get me mad.
"Um, hello? Are you blind? I am dating Ludwig."
"This guy?"
"Ja, this guy."
"Well, we should probably go sit down."
"Hey, Kidd, is there a problem here?"
"No." He glared at Germany as Patty skipped in.
"Hey! Its ____! Yay!"
"What were you doing outside?"
"Petting some cute puppies tied up together!"
I looked at Germany. "You must be talking about Blackie, Berlitz and Aster. Those are Luddy's dogs." Patty smiled. Ludwig and I smiled back at her as she skipped over to Liz and Kidd. "Sorry. My old classmates can be really weird."
"One of them is a Grim Reaper." 
"You still haven't met the loud assasin. Or the Death Scythe. Or the one named Soul. Or-"
"Vow. Jou have a lot of veird classmates at zhat school."  We finished our food and took the dogs to the park. I held Blackie, my favorite. 
"Come on, let's race! To the water fountain!"
"Jou're on!" He inevitably beat me and I accepted defeat. "Now what's my prize?"I kissed him on the cheek. He picked me up and kissed me full on the lips. "Zhat vas an even better prize." I giggled.
"Yep, I bet it was."
"Hey, __, I didn't know you were back in town. What's up? Besides your new boyfriend, that is." It was Maka.
"Hey, Maka, where's Soul hiding?"
"I'm over here, being cool."
"Well, this is Ludwig, Ludwig, that's Maka and the one over there is Soul. We are in Nevada for the world meeting. Are Kidd and Liz together? They wouldn't tell me." I pouted.
"As far as I know, not yet."
"We have to talk more often when I'm gone!"
"Yeah, absolutely!"
"Come on, Luddy, why don't you talk more? Are you being shy?" I teased. Normally I was the shy one.
"Then what's bothering you?"
"What is jour relationship to the kid?" 
"His name is Kidd, he is not a kid, and we are only friends." I slugged him in the shoulder "You aren't jealous, are you?"
"Nien, of course not."
"Mmhm." I looked at my watch. "We should get going or Feli is gonna be mad. Or surrender from a war. Let's hope he's not making white flags as we speak."
"Ja, miss Madagascar."(A/N: yes, I made you be Madagascar. Get over it.)
"Madagascar? "
"Yeah. He's germany. As I said, we are with the Axis."
"You didn't say that."
"Oh, I didn't. Well, we both know how scatterbrained I can be. Must've slipped my mind. We better go, now, so we can drop off the dogs."
--Time Skip from... pasta!--
"That was too long. America sure can eat hamburgers."
"Ja. Jou got zhat right."  I smiled and my phone rang. It was a text from Maka.
"Is it okay if we go to a party tonight? They're all under age so there won't be beer, but its Kidd's house, and Black Star will definitaly start something. That is sure to be a few laughs."
"Ja. Sounds like fun." I texted her back that we would be there. She texted Great. Its at eight. I laughed to myself. "Vat."
"Kidd has an OCD problem. You'll see what I mean when we get there."
--Time skip brought to you by symmetrical  stuff--
"Voah." (A/N: I already said I suck at the accent thing so shut up.)
"Yeah. I'd suggest not messing with anything."
"Hey, ___, Ludwig, wasn't it? Well, come on in." I introduced Luddy to Black Star and Tsubaki, then we told everyone about the Axis, world meetings and other things.
--Time skip brought to you by pitbulls everywhere(A/N: I apologise, I love pitbulls.)--
"Hey, where'd Luddy go?" Patty put a hat in my face.
"Pick and you'll find out!" I picked something round. It was an eight ball. "Oooo... that closet is gonna be interesting."
"Closet?" Then they threw me in-yes-a closet. (A/N: Seriously. You must be so suprised.)
"I guess I'm stuck in here. So, Kidd, how've you been?"
"I'm fine. You know what game they want us to play, right? Seven minutes in heaven." You were startled. You'd never played that before, but Patty has tried to make you.
"I can't believe I fell for that! Sorry, Kidd, but can we just talk? I don't feel like having to pry Luddy off you."

"Yeah. My symmetry would be totally ruined then." But he looked at you in silence for three minutes. "_-___?"
"What?" He kissed me square on the lips. So I slapped him. "Did you not listen? I said I just wanted to talk."
"Well, I love you, ___, I always have, and you don't belong with that german guy. You belong-"
"Why can't you date someone who is interested. Like Liz." He had a giant red mark on his face. Then Patty opened the door.
"____! Did he...." Ludwig's voice trailed off.
"Come on, Luddy, I like you, not him." I kissed him on the cheek, but had to stand on tip-toes. "If I liked him, he wouldn't have that red mark on his face." I looked around. "Am I the only one who went?"
"Yeah. It was only me and that weird german guy in there."
"So you set it up. Come on, Luddy. I wanna leave."
"Ja." Was all he said.
--Time skip brought to you by the amazing Japan--
"I'm sorry. I fell for that stupid trick."
"Nien, don't be sorry." I was in his arms at the hotel, the dogs passed out on the bed before we even got here.  So we were on the couch.
"It wasn't even that good of a trick, but I was distracted."
"Zhat's okay."
I snuggled closer to him, falling asleep in his arms.
--Dream brought to you by Nightmares--
(A/N: Hehe, I'm so evil.....)
I woke up next to Kidd. Not Ludwig, Kidd. He was warmer than you'd expect a shinigami to be. I realized he was last night too. "Good morning, beautiful. How are you doing?"
"Kidd, where is Ludwig?"
"Ludwig? What do you mean? Who is Ludwig?"
"Never mind." I stood up. "I'm gonna go get some fresh air."
"Okay, my love." 'Liebe, is something wrong?' I heard Ludwig, but he wasn't there. I shook my head. 
'No, I am not okay where are you Luddy?!' I thought to myself. 
"I'm right here." He was standing outside. 
"Ludwig! Where were you?"
"For what?"
"For jou to choose, liebe. Me or him."
"You, I love you. I don't love him. Don't tell-"
"Zhink. Do jou really vant me? Liebe, jou voke up next to him. Is it really me jou vant?"
"Nien. Tell me vhat jou vant tomorrow." He walked away. 
"Liebe! Wait!"
"Hey, beautiful, is something wrong?"
"N-no. Nothing I wrong." Kidd came up behind me and picked me up bridal style. "Hey! Put me down!" I laughed. Then he kissed me. "Come on, shinigami! Put me down!" He spun me around before letting me go. We laughed together. Is it really Ludwig? Or do I want Kidd? No. I want Ludwig. I love him, not Kidd. Kidd is like a brother to me. I wouldn't be able to love him more than that. Never. Tomorrow I will set Kidd straight. But I will enjoy tonight


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