Lost without you

Cherry is just like any normal teenager but the only difference is that her bother is the one and only James Mcvey from the vamps. What happens when he leaves for tour.


2. chapter 2

Cherry's P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm singing little things by one direction. I slowly got up and decided not to get in the shower as seen it was my last day of school.it was raining so I put on my red geek top and my grey jeans on which some cream shoes and a light grey jacket.

I went downstairs to go get something to eat and when I got down the steps I looked and saw James and my mum stud there looking at me. It was making me feel weird so I decided I should go to the kitchen I started to walk but James moved in my way.

" what's your problem Move out of the way" I said trying not to get angry

" why did you do it " my mum said.

" do what " I said not understanding what was going on

" you do know " James said

" know what " I said thinking I am missing something here

" this might help " My mum said while James lifted up some string. It took a while for me to process it and then I got it. It was the prank I played on James yesterday. I bursted out laughing

" how long was you in your room for until someone let you free" I asked still laughing my head off

" 5 hours and The boys came knocking for me because I was late and mum came to get me. She saw the string and then broke it." James said

I laughed even harder because I thought it would of been like 10 - 30 minutes

" James and his band missed their recording and have fallen back on the work for the album " my mum said thinking I would stop laughing but really I didn't. I walk straight pass them still laughing to my self.

I got the cereal and put it in to a bowl and sat down to eat it but then my mum and James walked in and started saying stuff about it's not fun or you going to pay for the extra time on this album. I carried on eating my breakfast while they were shouting things that didn't matter to me and after I had finished I walked back upstairs to get ready for my last day of school.

I got my school bag and my phone and started to walk to school. Which again took me forever but I really didn't mind because it is the last day of school. I got to school and made my way to the front desk because I was late again - believe it or not.

" name " said the girl on the front desk

" Cherry Mcvey " I said

" you know where to go at lunch. Know get to lessons " she said very harshly and deep

I knew I was not going to go to it so I really was not bothered. It was start of lesson 2 which for me was art which is by for one of my favourite lessons. My passion for drawing has grow and I am actually getting good at it. I walked in and luckily their was no teacher in the room. I ran into the room and sat next to my friend Charlotte.

" hey sorry I am late " I said

" it's ok " she replied

" what we doing today " wanting to know

" getting are final pieces back with are levels hope we did well we worked are butts off " she said

After about 5 minutes more of us talking the teacher walked in.

" Sorry I am late I was just in a meeting " she said " today you and your Partner are going to get your finale piece back with your levels. You need to write your levels in your book and work on the questions for the topic"

" Cherry and Charlotte " miss said

We both got out of are seats and ran to go and get are finale piece.

" what level did we get " I asked

" level 7 " she said

We both jumped up in the air and did are happy dance. I am so glad that we got the grade we wanted. After are happy dance we sat back down and for the rest of the lesson we just talked.

After about 30 minutes of us talking the bell went for 3rd lesson which for me was maths. So I dragged my self upstairs. When I walked meet eyes with my friend lauren and ran up to her.

" How is you last day going " I asked

" amazing, can't wait for tonight it will be really fun" she said as I remembered we are going to watch one direction in concert

" what are you wearing " I asked

" high wasted shorts with my one direction top " she said

" I am wearing my high wasted shorts with that flower crop top" I replied

All lesson we just talked and played on are phones which was a plus. After the lesson it was lunch. It was last day in school so me and my friends just brought in so crips. We most took photos to remember this day and talked.

After lunch it was time to go home.so I went to say bye to my friends

" bye everyone she you after summer " I said

They all replied with " see ya bye "

I walked over to my friends lauren, shannon and Charlotte to ask about when are we meeting.

" hey when are we meeting tonight " I asked

" go home get changed and when you are finished come round to my house and we are going to walk up" Charlotte replied

" ok see you then bye " I said

I decided I should run home as seen as I am usually back late if I walk. When I reached my house I decided I should walk in quietly so I don't get my mum and James screaming down my ears. I walked in hoping no one catches me and ran I to my room. I quickly got changed and changed bags and load it with stuff I would need. I did my hair and makeup and I was ready to go. So I quickly ran downstairs so no one would notice me and started making my way to charlotte's which was only down the road . When I got there I knocked on the door and after a while Charlotte opened the door.

" Your early no ones here " she said

" sorry do you want me to come back later " I asked

" no don't be silly come in " she said

I walked in and sat on the chair.

" I won't be a minute I am just down to get changed " she said

" ok " I replied

I was there until Charlotte's dog ( buddy ) come and sat next to me. We sat there for a while until there was a knock on the door.

" I will get it " I said walking to the door

" thanks " Charlotte said

I opened the door to see lauren and shannon stud at the door

" hey come in " I said

" thanks " they both replied

" I won't be a minute " Charlotte shouted from upstairs

We all laughed at her because she always takes forever to get ready. After about 5 minutes of us chatting Charlotte finally made it downstairs.

After about all of us chatting for 10 minutes it was time to go. So we all started to walk to the area which they were playing at.

* 3 hours later *

After the concert we decided we would go back home so we all went are different ways after a good night and saying goodbye.

I was walking home on my own which was good because I needed to think about life and stuff. I put in my headphones and started to walk. After about 10 minutes I decided to stop to put my music away.

After I put it away. I turned around to see a car spinning out of control. Then it turned around and started coming closer. I screamed and I realised I could do nothing. Then I felt the car slam into me. Then all I could see was darkness…


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