Lost without you

Cherry is just like any normal teenager but the only difference is that her bother is the one and only James Mcvey from the vamps. What happens when he leaves for tour.


1. chapter 1

Cherry's p.o.v

I opened my eyes to the bright light of the sun and to my alarm singing little things by one direction.I slammed my hand down on my phone to turn of the alarm and got up and took a shower as seen as it was school my alarm went off at 6:30 which was well to early for me.

Hey my name is Cherry Mcvey and I am 14 years old. If you didn't catch on all ready I am James Mcvey's ( from the vamps) sister. I have blonde hair with brown highlights and I am about average height for a 14 year old.

As soon as I got out the shower I went to go get changed. I put on a light pink crop top with high wasted jean shorts and some white vans. I smelt pancakes in the air ( which if you didn't know pancakes are my favourite food ever) so I ran downstairs to see my mum making pancakes.

"PANCAKES!!!!!! thanks mum" I yelled

"Be quiet your brothers in bed and I don't want him to wake up. He is doing something important today and he needs the sleep" she said quietly

It has been like this a lot round here, since they have told everyone they are making a album mum thinks he is so important and needs he's sleep. Any way I sat down and ate my breakfast that my mum made and ran upstairs to see I had 4 new messages from my friends.

From: shannon

Did we have any homework?? Xxxx 😜😍

From: lauren

Thanks for mine and Shannon's presents!! Xx ❤️❤️


Are you getting the bus xx


Do we have drama tonight??? Xx

I replied back to everyone and then put my hair up.I decided to play a prank on my brother so I tied string on to his door handle and attach the string on to the toilet door handle so he could get out. Now wait until I get home to see what happened. I quickly got my stuff and ran downstairs.

"Bye mum I am going!!!" I shouted

"Ok bye have a great day " my mum shouted back

I decided to walk to school because I wanted to clear my head and think about life really. I really didn't like the fact that James is getting all the attention just because he can sing and is in a band but nobody's asked me if I am in a band or can I sing. Life is crazy right now but it's called life so I have to put up with it.

I walked very slowly to school and when I got there I was about 1 hour late but I didn't really care. I walked into the main office and waited until someone saw me.

" how could I help you" said this lady at the desk - I don't know her name

"I am late and I need to be singed in" I said trying to sound like I liked school.

" name " she said very harshly and sharp

" Cherry Mcvey" I said very slowly

" well your very late and at lunch you will need go to a DT with Mr pie" she said very quickly

She pressed the button I was aloud to go through to school. I realise that lesson one is nearly over so I sit in the toilets on my phone until one minute before the bell went and went to go stand outside the class to wait for my friends. The bell goes and they all come out the lesson.

" where have you been?" said lauren ( one of my friends) harshly

" I walked to school ....... Very slowly sorry" I said quietly

" it's ok " all my friends said

" any way what do we have next?" I said changing the subject

" Spanish " shannon said out of no where. Which sacred me deeply

We all went of to class and I hoped we were doing something fun as it was are last week in school before summer holidays which was always a plus. Turns out we were doing an extra PE lesson which was not great because one I forgot my PE kit ( which I was happy about) and second no one likes PE. So I sat on the sidelines in PE ( lessons 2 and 3 ) so I just thought about what happens if James becomes famous and goes on tour how will I survival.

After watching people do PE for two whole lessons. When it ended I went to my friends who were getting changed.

" How was your last lessons of PE " I said joyfully

" boring as always " they all said

" do we have lunch now " I said hoping it was because I was starving

" yes " shannon said

I did a little happy dance because that is the best part of the day. After everyone got changed we went outside and sat down on the floor. We were to lazy to get up and go eat in the hall so we ate outside. Mostly talked and laughed at Lunch.

After lunch we went in to form and we sat down and talked. Then I remembered that I had a DT at lunch that I didn't go to but I didn't really care because it was the end of school this week.

After about 5 more minutes in form and 3 more lessons it was time to go home. Which was another favourite part of the day. I decided I would walk home again because I wanted to clear my head.

When I reached the front door I could hear faint voices which sound like my brothers and his band mates which made me very angry because I am not aloud to bring friends round. I decided to walk in and go to my room and don't make eye contact. I did just that and when I got in to my room I ran and jumped on to my bed. I started to look at my phone and text some people and catch up on YouTube videos.

After about an hour my mum shouted from downstairs " dinners ready cherry get down here know "

I got up very slowly and went down. When I reached the bottom of the steps I was met by my brothers band mates, my brother and my mum at the table. I sighed and sat down at the far corner of the table a way from everyone else. They all gave me dirty looks but I carried on eating my dinner ( which was fish and chips that my mum got from the chippy down the road). Everyone else was have a conversation about the album which made me really angry so I ate quickly.

After finishing in record time I ran upstairs and looked at the time, it was 7:30. I decided that I should get ready for bed and watch some more YouTube videos.


This is my first story so tell me what you think.

Also I will be updating it every week on different days

Thanks xxxxx

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