Grace with the disease

Grace caught Hydronuclitheanos when she was only young. Since then she's been isolated to a medical centre with only 'Lady' to talk to. She see's no one, this is her story...


3. Part 3 - Re-thought

I feel awful. Who’s Mathew Tolson? Is it a family member of lady’s? A friend maybe? Or even a member from my family? Wow that would be amazing. I mean horrible but, well it’s just i haven’t heard from my family in a long time. I haven’t even been able to hear what they’ve been up to. For all I know I might not even have a family any more.

‘I’m so sorry Lady but, who’s Mathew Tolson? Was he your dad or brother?’

‘No, no, no Grace. Mathew was a boy from Texas with Hydronuclitheanos, your disease. He caught it 5 months before you.’ I felt my heart drop at this. My eyes were welling up and my body felt like it was breaking from the inside. I didn’t even know this boy. But I guess that’s the saddest part. If he got the disease before me that probably means that he’s been in care longer and isolated longer. No-one could have really known him; this makes an unexplainable impact on me for some reason.

I know I’m going to die from this illness but I don’t want to turn out like this boy. I don’t want to turn out like Matthew. I’m going to make a name for myself. I’m going to let people know about me, my struggles, my memories, my illness. But most importantly my life, and the fact that I still have one and won’t let anyone forget it! So I never will really leave this life, I’ll always be here making a stand for the other kids who were forgotten as soon as their lives ended. I’m doing it for them. I’m just sorry they couldn’t be here to see it.

I tell Lady my plan and she tells me that it’s beautiful, I’m beautiful.

By mother was beautiful once to, or so she tells me.

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