Grace with the disease

Grace caught Hydronuclitheanos when she was only young. Since then she's been isolated to a medical centre with only 'Lady' to talk to. She see's no one, this is her story...


2. Part 2 - The Downfall

It’s 2pm. This is the specified time for my chat with Lady. I arrange myself cross legged on the bed with my back leaning against the headboard. My eyes drift over my skinny body and the inflamed blotches all over my arms and legs. I'm now so thankful for the fact that this room doesn’t include any mirrors. There aren’t even any shiny surfaces. They must have known more about me than I thought.

I stare up at the blacked out glass which I assume contains a good sum of doctor looking down at me. I’m just another test subject in their eyes. I suddenly feel unbelievably insecure so I call out ‘Lady, are you there? ...Lady?’ There isn’t an automatic answer which worries me but... ‘Of course I am, how are you today?’ I sigh and begin to relax. I tell her that I’m the same as normal and to calm me she says that it’s only her up there. She had to kick everyone out which is why she didn’t answer me straight away. She then goes silent. I feel uncomfortable but she breaks it by saying ‘I need to tell you something Grace,’ Oh no, not more drugs surely I’m taking way too many as it is! Maybe it’s another experiment; I can’t go through one of those again. Last time it was burning my puss filled spots with a match. That wasn’t even the worse. Once i had to scratch them off. That was horrible. What made it worse was that I had to do it all myself. I was forcing pain onto myself. Lady was there the whole time of course, telling me I was being so brave and that she was so proud of me. That was bad but, it still wasn’t the worse. The worse time was when I had to lie in this clear liquid for 56 hours. I could have dealt with my skin being covered in this odd liquid but it let off fumes which went straight to my head. In minutes of entering I was begging them to let me out. The fumes were causing my head to feel as though it was being squashed down a twisted. I lost all sense of sight, sound and i wish scent. My nostrils were filled with this overpowering stench and eventually I fell unconscious. Something was telling me this was different though...

‘We’ve just had the sad news that Mathew Tolson has passed away.’

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