my life changed

"You look amazing." His eyes widened, as he saw me for the first time tonight. At that moment, my life changed. All because of him.
Robin Sunder, a teenage girl who is starting tenth grade has her whole life changed when she goes and meets a guy, who is new to her school.


5. Morning Bonding?

Last night, before I went to bed I called Kimberly and told her about "the date" with Niall. 
"I may have just gone on a date with Niall." I told her when she picked up the phone. It was only 9 o'clock so I knew she would still be up.
"Oh-my-gosh. No you didn't!" 
"Yes! Ah Kim It was great."
"Eeeh!" I could tell she probably shook her hands, with her arms bent up.  "Tell me all about it!"
I went on and we talked for thirty minutes or more. 
"Oh girl he really likes you."
I smiled "I guess so. Well I've got to go get ready for bed. Goodnight love you."
"Love you too!"
I got off the phone and went go get my shower. After I got in the bed I laid there for a couple minutes then fell asleep.

This morning I woke up and felt like something was off. I went downstairs, and saw that mom was gone. I looked at the clock. I was an hour late for school! I grabbed a big shirt, and some sweatpants. I put on a little bit of makeup too, just mascara and lipstick. I ran to my car and drove to school. Only about five cars were in the parking lot. Then I looked at the clock in my car, I was an hour early. Logan must have changed my clock in my room. I drove back home and went into the kitchen. I got whipped cream, put it in a bowl, put blue food coloring in it, and went back to his room. I got my fingers and rubbed it all over his face, and in his hands.
"Wake up! Logan a tornado is about to hit us! Logan!" I screamed at him with my hands behind my back.

"What?" He croaked out. He ran his fingers through his hair. I had to laugh. 
"LOGAN!" He opened his eyes. 
"Okay, there is no tornado. But get up and get ready for school."
He laughed.
"Did you like your nice surprise?"
"Yeah, loved it." I said sarcastically as I walked out of his room. I saw him get out of bed before I walked out. I stood by his door and started laughing. He stuck his head out of the door.
"Really sis whipped cream?" He smiled, then wiped his face and came towards me. I started running away. I got on one side of the table and he was on the other. He flicked some at me from his face and I got some out of the bowl and got him. 
"Come here you little booger."
He ran around the table and grabbed me from behind. He tried to kiss me on the cheek and he got whipped cream all over my face. The lights turned on and mom was standing there smiling looking at us. 
"What are you two doing?" 
"Bonding." We both said at the same time.
"And you had to use whipped cream?" Me and Logan looked at each other then at mom and nodded. 
"Just clean it up and get ready for school." 
She walked away and Logan let go of me.
"Nice one, but mine was better." Logan said as he walked back to his room. I had the stuff all over my face, and a little on my shirt. I just grabbed another big shirt and washed off my face. I didn't bother putting on any makeup again so I just fixed my hair again and went to clean up the kitchen. I ate some cereal as I cleaned up. There wasn't much to clean so it didn't take that long. I finished eating and put up my bowl like normal, and grabbed my backpack.

"Byee love you!" I yelled to mom, dad, and Logan.

I got in my car and went to school. I walked in by myself, at least until I got through half of the parking lot.

"Hey, Robin right?"  He came running up to me, it was Harry.

"Yeah, Harry?" I said back.

"Yeah, I wanted to tell you that we are having a party this weekend. Zayn said he gave you an invititation yesterday or something, but I just wanted to make sure you knew about it. Niall doens't know you are coming. We won't tell him if you are. He really likes you."

That was Zayn that gave me the invitiation? I didn't even realize, he looked older. But I could tell Harry was serious, I could tell it in his expression. I don't see that very often.

"Um, yeah me and my friends said we would come. Do I need to bring anything?"

"No, just meet me and Liam on the left side of the house when you get there. Here's my number."

He slipped a piece of paper in my hand, smiled, then walked off. I put his number in my purse, and then walked into the school. I didn't see Kim or anyone this morning. Maybe they were just a little late. I went on in to my first class and sat down. A couple of people were in there. I didn't see Niall either. Then Ryan walked in and sat beside me.

"Hey, have a good morning?" He said after he sat down.

"Yeah, you?"
"Yeah." Just then I saw Zayn and Niall walk in. We made eye contact as soon as he saw me. Niall sat down behind me, and Zayn beside him.

"Is that," Ryan whispered in my ear.

"Yeah." I whispered back. I smiled at him. I forgot I told Kim to tell them. She was with Ryan and Dakota when I called her. I told them I had to do that project, and they said it was fine that I couldn't hang out with them.

"Hey." I said as Niall sat down. 

"Hey." He said and smiled. 

Everything class kind of went like yesterday, so I didn't worry about much. Niall said he couldn't come over this week after school anymore because he had planned stuff with the guys. I told him that was fine and I could finish the project myself. I could tell he felt really bad he couldn't help, but I kept telling him it was okay, and that maybe Kim could help me with it because she is good at math.

So it worked out that Kim could come and help me, but Niall still had that look in his eyes. He said he would do something for me if he could, but I told him not to worry about it.


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