my life changed

"You look amazing." His eyes widened, as he saw me for the first time tonight. At that moment, my life changed. All because of him.
Robin Sunder, a teenage girl who is starting tenth grade has her whole life changed when she goes and meets a guy, who is new to her school.


2. Its' real.

I park my car, and everything becomes real. I am in high school. As I look around for my friends, Ryan comes up behind me and gives me a hug. It scares me a little.

"Hey Robina." He calls me that because he says Robin is a guy name, but I like my name.

We walk in together, and meet up with Kimberly, and Dakota at our lockers. We don't have very many classes together, so we got our lockers together to see each other in between. Me and Ryan have first period together though, so that is good. We walk and try to talk about how our mornings went, but you can barely hear yourself over everybody in the hallway. We walk into English with Mr. Torner. As soon as everybody comes in and the bell rings, he starts talking. A guy, probably a senior, beside me hands me a piece of paper just five minutes into Mr. Torner's lecture.

"He always does this on the first day. He will talk all period long. Here, tell your friends about that. Hope you can come." He winks at me, then goes on to drawing or something. I look at the paper, and it's for a party this Saturday. It says only everybody will be there, and because i'm so small I don't think I can handle abunch of people crowded in a room and parting.

"What's that?" Ryan looks at it and smiles, then looks at me with his eyebrows raised. 

"We should go."

"But I can't handle-"

"I know, but we will be there with you. We wouldn't leave you."

 "I guess you're right." We both smile at each other.

"I will teach you many leasons, and you will teach me many as well..." Mr. Torner goes on about the school year we will have with him and who knows what else, and by the time he was done, just like the guy said, the bell rang. We walk out of class, and someone bumps into me. I couldn't see who it was because it was so crowded. I saw a glimpse of someone looking back but I couldn't quite get the face of the person. I didn't care though because that happens all the time. My next class is Math, and I don't know anyone in the classroom.

Everyone sits down. I see some familiar faces of some people I go to when Ryan and them aren't at school, or when they are doing something and I don't have anybody. Most people know me. It's not like I'm a girl who sits in the corner with her three friends. That's what it seems like, but I try to hang out with everybody. I see a really hot guy sitting by himself at a lab table. I go over and sit down.

"Hey, I'm Robin. Are you new around here?" He looks up at me and man, is he even cuter up close.

"Umm, yeah. How'd you know?"

He has brown roots underneath his smooth blonde hair that whips up.

"I just haven't seen you around lately." I smile at him and he smiles at me too.

"You could probably tell on how I was late to English this morning, because I got lost."

He looks down and laughs a little bit.

"I didn't notice." Wait, how did he know I was in English this morning? Maybe he just thought he saw me, but still, maybe he noticed me.

"Good morning kids. Hope your day is going well."

Mine sure was.

"Today we are doing our first project."  Everyone groans.

"Oh hush, this project you will take home with you, and you and your partner will help each other make a bucket list. I know that sounds strange, but you have to tell me how much it would cost to do whatever you choose. Such as if you wanted to go to New York, it would cost two thousand dollars in airfare, for a hotel, and for three days. At this time, I want you to ask questions to your partner, and list five things you learned about them on a piece of paper. You will turn these in at the end of class. This might help you get hints on what you might think of doing for your list. You may begin."

"My name is Niall by the way." He adds before we start.

"Well we both know each other's name, so I guess what is your favorite subject in school?" Niall asks.

"Um, I guess mine would have to be math, or reading. I'm good I guess at math, and I love reading books."

"Well I'm bad at both of those," He smiles.

"But, I'm really loving math now." He smiles. I think I blush, so I try to hide it.

"What's your favorite animal? Mine is a wolf." I feel stupid for asking that, but I couldn't think of anything else.

"I would have to say a bird." We go on for the rest of the class, and by the end I have his number, and we have twelve things for our list.

The bells rings, and I don't want it to end. We get up, and turn our papers in. We realized we both had the next class together, which was reading, so he walks with me to my locker. We go to class together. I don't have this class with anyone else so that was good because I like spending time with him.

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