my life changed

"You look amazing." His eyes widened, as he saw me for the first time tonight. At that moment, my life changed. All because of him.
Robin Sunder, a teenage girl who is starting tenth grade has her whole life changed when she goes and meets a guy, who is new to her school.


6. Beautiful.

We finished the project in only four hours, so when we were done is was

6:30. She left and I walked her down to the front door. Right as I was about walk up the stairs I got a text from Kim

[Hey, some hottie just pulled in your driveway ;) ]

I walk outside and see Niall leaning on his car with flowers.

"Hey Robin." He held out the flowers as I walked up. I got them and they smelled amazing.

"Niall, do you like doing crazy things?" I smile and give him a hug.

"Is that a bad thing?" He looks into my eyes and I smile and look to the side.

"No." He laughs a little.

"So, the park?" 

"I would love to."

The park is only maybe seven miles from my house, so we get there in five minutes. It is almost dark, so I don't really know why we came here. We get out of the truck and we go sit on a bench


"So, know any constellations?" He asks.

"All I know is the big, and little dipper, but I usually make some up myself."

"This is just peaceful to me." I say as I look up, and some stars are already peeking into the night sky.

Niall grabs my hand and gets up.

"We aren't dancing are we?" I asked remembering the night we did at the restaurant.

"Well, we could." He spins me around, then pulls me in close and gives me a hug. He smiles at me then walks me over to the back of his truck.

"I brought pillows and a couple of blankets, thought this could be a second date." He winks at me and I roll my eyes as I smile at how cute he is. I climb up into the back of his truck after him, and lay down to stargaze. He gets my hand again and suddenly my body become warm, and I feel like it's just us.

"We can call that one..." I started to say as I point to some bundled up stars that looked like, well the shape of a star.

"Beautiful. So whenever I see it I can see those sparkling stars in your eyes, and your beautiful face."

I almost start to cry. No one has called me beautiful except my family. I move closer to him and kiss him on the cheek. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead. Tonight is just perfect.


I wake up next to him, and it's morning. Niall is still asleep, so I run my hands through his hair. I sit up, and I look over at him. I just smile. I grab his hand and he opens his eyes.


"Morning beautiful." He says in a raspy voice. He sits up next to me and runs his hand through my hair and kisses me on the cheek.

"My parents are probably going to kill me."

He laughs a little.

"It's not funny." I say in a playful drowsy voice, as I hit him softly in the chest.

"Ow that hurt." He starts to tickle me. I fall on my back because I am extremely ticklish in my stomach. I laugh and after a few seconds he stops and just stays looking over me.

"God, you are amazing."

He leans in to kiss me on the lips for the first time, then my phone starts to ring. I peck him on the lips before he gets up for me to answer it. It was my mom.

"Mom," I say as I answer. "I'm okay, me and Kim-" She stops me.

"I know, she told me, it's okay. She said you and Niall went to the park. I guess you two went to go look at the stars in his truck."

"Yeah, how'd you-"

"I told your father that you just stayed at Kim's house for a project. You can thank me later. As of when you get home though, you need empty the dishwasher and vacuum every room in the house. Don't be late to school, it's only five. I love you."

"I love you too mom." I hang up the phone, and my heart becomes light. What would I do without her.

I told Niall what she said and he drove me home afterwards. I went upstairs and hopped in the shower. I blew my hair dry, put on my outfit, and went to go eat.

Mom came in and I got up and hugged her.

"Thank you." 

"Only because I love you." She let go and smiled at me. I put my bowl in the dishwasher after I emptied it and grabbed my backpack and drove off to school. 




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