Don't let me go ( a Harry Styles fanfiction)

Hi my name is Madelyn Paige McCormick but everyone calls me Maddie, and by everyone I mean my mom, dad, brother, and best friend Lanie. I have long straight brown / red hair and hazel eyes. My face is sprinkled wit freckles and I have wore glasses since I was 4 . I am 17 and a junior at St. Luke's academy. I have a sister named McKenzie in 12th grade, I have always been her shadow. She has curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she Is cheer captain. I play the flute, see ?


3. school

At lunch I sat next to Lanie and Mason who were smiling and talking to each other. I bring my own lunch to school mainly because the schools lunches are disgusting. I took out my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and took a bite. McKenzie sat across from me which was very surprising, she said.

" Listen Maddie, you stay away from Harry he is mine you got it ?"

I replied " McKenzie , Harry is not yours and besides HE talked to me an I talked back , you can't own a person."

I got up and walked back to my locker as Lunch was over at least it was for me. Through the rest of the day I listened to the teachers blab about the school year. In last hour Harry sat next to me and sent me a smile. I smiled back and looked down at my desk.

' What's wrong Maddie ? " He asked with concern in his voice.

" Uh, nothing I guess ." I responded.

" Um Ok well McKenzie has still been following me around." He whispered as Breht sat next to him.

I blushed and said " I'm sorry , she always ends up getting what she wants."

" Well I don't like her, I've been in love with someone since McKenzie first introduced her to me. " He said smiling.

I nodded thinking of McKenzie's best friend Bree . I pushed a piece of hair behind my ear and focused on the teacher. Sad about what Harry had just said, why can't he like me ? I know im freakishly small and a nerd , there is so many things I want to change about myself.

At the end of the day I grabbed my bag and got in the back of McKenzie's car. Harry sat in the front seat on his phone. McKenzie got in and placed her hand on Harry's knee and smiled at him and Harry gave her a clearly fake smile. He looked at me through the mirror and mouthed " Save me."

I smiled and waved at him as he got out of the car after we had pulled in front of bis house. McKenzie got out with him and walked Harry to his porch. She leaned in but Harry said bye and slid in the door. I laughed and McKenzie sent me a glare then marched back to the car.

I went to my room when we got home and changed into comfterble clothes. Black Leggings and a blue sweatshirt. I put my hair in a bun then got on my laptop. I checked Facebook and twitter and noticed Harry had followed me on Twitter. I looked at his page then saw his most recent tweet, about 10 minutes ago. @Harry_Styles  So in Love <3

Of course McKenzie had liked the post I sighed thinking of how lucky Bree is. She has long strawberry blonde hair blue eyes and is skinny like McKenzie, she starves herself. Bree had the same attitude as McKenzie that is why they are friends. Harry then tweeted @Harry_Styles ' Going to X- Factor in 2 months wish me luck'

I smiled then closed my laptop.

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