Our Child

In this story, you'll get to know about the secret love that Justin Bieber and Monique Raiye have for each other but are too afraid to say it. Once one of them tells the other of their love for them, they make love and after that things come spiraling down. Justin finds out that Monique had his baby 2 years ago. Will Justin find out or will she tell him? Will Justin still have feelings for her or will he abandon her? You'll have to read to find out.


4. The Pregnancy Test

Today I woke up and I was throwing up like crazy. My mom was there holding my hair back. My mom sometimes isn't the best, but at the end of the day is always there for me...

Me: oh lord, help me. (I feel like crap)
Mom: are you sure your not prego?
    This is the third time she's asked that. I'm starting to believe I am but I dont want to have to face Justin. 

Mom: maybe you should take a pregnacy test. ( I just realized I only have my P.O.V. sorry)
Me: ok.
    Me and my mom went to the store and bought three pregnacy test, just to be sure. We were on our way home and I felt like throwing up, my mom grabbed a bag and handed it to me, throwing up felt horrible but at the same time reliving.
                                                    Justin's P.O.V.
    Today I woke up feeling horrible, I should've told Monique that I was or were dating Selena. Now I feel like I have to do something to get her back I'm thinking about throwing a huge party for her, her birthday's coming up and I want to let her know how I feel about her, I'm tired of being shy.
    I went down stairs and told my mom about my plan and she agreed to help. I went out and bought all the drinks, snacks and her gift, a bugatti, that's age appropriate for an 20 year old, right?
                                                    A FEW DAYS LATER
    It's the day of Monique's birth. And I'm going to make it spectacular! She's going to forgive me and we're going to be bestfriends again...

Me: hello
Monique: hi (I can tell she doesn't wanna talk to me)
Me: I'm throwing you a birthday party at my house tonight, no parents.
Me: ok (she sighs) *she hangs up*
                                                            THAT NIGHT
    This party is fly, but the birthday girl isn't here yet, I'm beginning to think she's not coming and then...BAM! She comes in looking prettier than I thought before, she has this certain glow on her that I've never seen before...
                                                        Monique's P.O.V.
    I arrived to the party and notice Justin starring at me but I dont make eye on eye contact with him, i dont want to. I go and sit at the V.I.P. table, I guess we're having dinner, and then Justin comes and sits across from me...

Sade: (Sade is my other friend) ughh.
Me: I know right.
Justin: well, this is going to be fun.
Sashina: did you look in front of me?
Me: no. Why?
Sade: its Selena.
Me: whatever I dont give a fuck bout her.
Justin: let's be nice ladies. Here take a sip. *Justin pours me some wine.*
Me: oh, I can't drink alcohol.
 Justin: why not? (Damn I just blew my cover)
    Now him and my girls are starring me down. I grabbed Sade and Sashina's hands and take them to the bathroom. I know that I can trust them so I decided to just come clean to them..

Sade: what's up?
Me: I'm pregnant.
Sashina and Sade: what? By who?
Sashina: ohhh.
Sade: what?
Sashina: (she looks at me) Justin?
Me: yep.
    They both seemed to be ok with it and did not care. The girls are almost never judge mental to me, just to each other. They dont really like each other or Justin.
    I walked back in and sat down and the wine is still on the table in front of me. Sade moves the wine and gives me some punch. Justin looks at me weird. I wish he gave me another seat.
    We all eat dinner, then we hit the dance floor...
Justin: (talking to Selena) why dont you go talk to Monique? Maybe try to connect with her?
Selena: ok. (She does what ever he says to.) *she walks over to me*
Monique: what do you want?
Selena: I just wanna know if were cool.
Monique: I dont know, go ask your boyfriend.
    Selena gives me a dirty look and walks away. Oh, I can't stand her! I decided that I had enough for the night and walked home..

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