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I was tired of having parents that I only caught a small glimpse of every morning, almost to the point where I was about to burst.

And I did, the week before my seventeenth birthday.

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2. Alone

I had always been tired of being a 'rich' child.I was normal really.My best feature were probably my olive green eyes, the other Children used to tease me because my parents spoilt me rotten.

They were both usually busy due to their well- paying jobs. My father was a CEO at an 'Axoil Oil Refinery' and my mother owned a successful store that sold wedding dresses, it was called 'Karen's Boutique'.

As a child I never had anyone to play with, therefore I spent a lot of time on my own drawing, writing and pestering the maids. But as I grew older most of the maids I had bonded with, grew old and eventually were replaced, with cold and judge-mental maids. That concluded into me being alone again, which later led to severe depression. On my tenth birthday I found out a heart-breaking secret my parents were keeping from me. I was adopted.

From that day on I looked at my parents differently. I no longer spent my free time longing for them to come instead, I wondered what my biological parents looked like instead. Did I look like my real mum? Or my real dad? 

As I grew older my parent's jobs got more successful therefore they were even busier and would often get home at eleven or ten o' clock , leaving me more isolated and depressed than ever. Then at aroun fourteen to fifteen years old, I started having suicidal thoughts. I figured if I killed myself no one would care, my parents were too busy to care and the maids would be happy after all it would be one less room to clean, one less meal to cook and lots less clothes to wash.

I was tired of having parents that I only caught a small glimpse of every morning, almost to the point where I was about to burst.

And I did, the week before my seventeenth birthday.


It was a typical Monday morning. I did my tedious morning routine, brushing my teeth then having a bath with the lemon-scented shower gel and shampoo. I tied my dark-ish brown hair into a tight ponytail. I then slipped on my school uniform which consisted of knee-length socks, a maroon and navy-blue plaid skirt, a plain white shirt, a maroon and navy-blue plaid tie, my navy-blue blazer with the words 'Trinity High School' and black prada flats. I then grabbed my purple (and girly) school messenger bag.

As I walked downstairs I caught a glimpse of my dad's Porsche leaving the house then followed by my mothers Ferrari. I sighed, and went to sit down on the kitchen table.

I greeted the kitchen cook with a smile, who returned it with a grimace, then  finished my waffles and drove my SUV to school.


I wasn't most popular at school. It wasn't that I was bullied,well maybe I was,but people did it behind my back due to the fact that my school had a 'no bullying' policy. As expected I didn't have any good friends to count on, or any friends for that matter. I was known as 'The Depressed One' or 'The Rich Show-Off' which was funny because I went to a really expensive private school, therefore most of the other children's parent were also rich.

As I strolled into the school building with false courage on my face. As soon as I was in, I heard whispers all around me especially from the schoool's main gossipers, Gemma Caldwell, Olivia Newton and Michelle Fletcher. I tried my hardest to shrug them off but it seemed as if the whispers had gotten louder.

"I heard she attempted suicide more than once,"


"My sister found out she takes depression pills,"


"I swear, she should just kill herself already!"

Ouch that one actually stung.

"Someone said she's adopted, and that her parents don't love her,"

The last remark just did it.

"Fucking Bitch," I muttered under my breath.

I speed-walked across the hall and straight to my locker then I swung my locker open with such violence that it slammed against the locker next to mine. My fist were clenched tightly and my breathing was uneven, as I sighed and tried to calm down.

Maybe I was over-reacting.

Maybe they were just trying to get on my nerves.

Maybe my parents do love me.

Maybe they've just been busy planing the perfect birthday party I wished for.

But then again maybe not. They were all probably too busy to care.

I heard bell ring, snapping me out of my thoughts, and for the first time decided to walk out of the school building and miss class. I had never ditched in my life so this was a first.

I figured that if I went to a public place, people would ask why I wasn't at school and I really didn't want that so I decided to go to a secluded park.


It wasn't a very long drive and I knew exactly where it was, due to the fact that everytime I was lonely (which was very often) I would come here and think, listen to music, write, read and draw.

I got out of my SUV and pulled my iPod connected my Skull Candy headphones and sat down on the bench nearest to me.

As I listened to music, many thoughts swirled through my head.

Would anyone care If I went away?

What would my Parents say?

Would they even care?

Then suddenly the people's cruel words echoed in my head, 

"I heard she attempted suicide more than once,"

"My sister found out she takes depression pills,"

"Someone said she's adopted, and that her parents don't love her,"

"I swear, she should just kill herself already!"

The comments just kept going on and on.

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let out a loud frustrated yell and stood up and walked towards the bridge that went over the deep lake.

Due to the cold november weather the lake's water was probably freezing. I struggled to get on edge of the bridge.

"Screw you, bitches!"

"Screw you, pricks!"

"Fuck you all!"

I chanted getting louder. I leapt through the air and the rest was all a bit of a blur. The water was freezing as expected. I was running out of oxygen fast, and I could feel the freezing lake water fill my lungs. 

"Fuck you all," I choked as I sunk even deeper, feeling more Alone than ever. 


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