One Direction Preferences🆔

These preferences are made by me and I hope all you like! There are sad, happy, sexual ones for all you girls like them. Love you people! Have fun reading!



3. Preference #3 Fighting Pt.1

Niall: You and Niall just had your newborn. You are usually always the one to wake up in the middle of the night to calm her down. Niall in the other hand, is always sleeping.

You were seriously tired that night from that day and just wanted to sleep. It was only five minutes later from when you laid down, you heard her cry. Niall was still in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. "Can you get her hun?" You said, exhausted. He didn't answer. He came right in and got in the covers. You looked at him and he just said," What?" She was crying even more and you just got up and calmed her down.

You went back to the room and saw Niall on his phone. You closed the door a bit and sat down. "You were up when she started crying. Why couldn't to get her?" You said. He kept looking at his phone. "Hello..?" You said and he kept ignoring you. You then grabbed his phone. "Now you listen here, you need to help around with the baby too. Not just me." You said angrily. He sat up and said," I have other things to worry about right now, (Y/N)." You looked at him in disbelief. "So your saying that our child is less important that your music career?." You didn't let him say anything. You turned off the light and laid there, silently crying.

Louis: You were sleeping when you heard loud noises come from the front door. You jumped out of bed and went downstairs. You saw Louis and his friends play wrestling at 2 in the morning. You had a bad day at work and didn't want any of this. "Louis! It's 2 am. I'm trying to sleep." You said. You saw then that he was drunk off his butt. He came up to you," oh calm down honey. You were up this late last night with me" he says winking. His friends laugh as he slaps your butt. You were disgusted on how he treated you around his friends. You walked up the stairs as you heard Louis say," awe! Poor little (Y/N) is a party pooper! What a baby!" You went upstairs and laid there wondering if it's a good thing to stay here tonight.

Harry: To many rumors, to many times. This was the second one in a month. Him and girls holding hands, kissing and all that stuff that was meant for you two. You would not let it get to you but the second one in the same month is way to far. You had so many things going through your mind.

He came through the door and hour later. He came up to you and kissed your forehead. "Hey baby. How was your day?" He asked. You stood there looking down. "are you okay?" He asked. "I don't know. Why don't you ask these two articles about you holding hands and kissing some girl. Two in one month Harry. Explain." He looked like a lost puppy at that moment. "I'm sorry..." Was all he said. You didn't need to hear anymore. You should have known. "(Y/N) I-" he said. " save it Harry! I don't need you to tell me your sorry when your not!" You said almost crying. All you did was go up to your two's room where you asked yourself," what did I do that made him do that?"

Liam: You felt so alone. He never talks, touches, texts or calls you anymore. It's been a week since the last time you two talked. You understood he was busy but a week!? Not one word. You texted him several times and he read the message but never replied.

You finally heard a knock on the door. You walked to it and saw Liam standing there. "hey babe." He says and goes for a kiss but you back away. " So your going to act like this past week wasn't like it was? Like it never happened." You said. He sighed and just walked in. "I've been busy, okay?" He said quietly. "oh, and looking at my messages and not replying isn't being busy." You said angrily. He looked down and nodded. "I'm sorry...just something came up." He said. You looked at him and said," And what so important that came up?!" You yelled this time. " My dad past away.." He said on the urge of crying.

Zayn: He got another tattoo. You accepted him having tattoos but your parents didn't. They criticize him every time they get the chance to. It breaks your heart that they don't really see the true him.

He came home and showed you. "you like?" He said happy. Your inner parents came into your system and you said," It's stupid. I don't know why you have to get ink on your skin." You said. You regretted it but didn't say anything. He looked at you sadly," w-what?" He said sadly. You were about to apologize till he got up and left angrily. You say there, thinking on what you just said.

(Sorry Louis Girl's! Didn't mean to make it short! Love you all!)

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