One Direction Preferences🆔

These preferences are made by me and I hope all you like! There are sad, happy, sexual ones for all you girls like them. Love you people! Have fun reading!



1. Preference #1 How You Meet

Harry: At the club. Both of you were drunk out of your mind and kept your eyes on each other the whole night. Finally, Harry got the guts to come up to you and use one of his line's. All you could say was," you've been staring at me all night and that's what you came up with?" Let's just say, you two weren't seen for the rest of the night.

Niall: At the park. You were with a couple of your friends just having a nice time till you noticed a blond boy looking at you from afar. You smiled and waved awkwardly but then went back to talking with your friends. Later on, he came up and acted like he knew you for years and acted cool. You thought he was a cute one so you got his number. You two became friend later and then eventually went on your first date.

Liam: At the community pool. You laid down your towel at a free spot on the grass. You were with some friends and some people you didn't know. Liam then came along and talked to some of your good friends. The one friend introduced you to him while you were tanning and listening to music but you didn't pay attention. She shook you and you answered rudely," what?! I'm tanning." She then again introduced you to him. For the rest of the day, you hung out with him and your friends. You got his number and later hung out that night.

Zayn: At a friends birthday party. Your close friend invited you to a big birthday party. You knew you didn't know anyone since she was a very social person and you weren't. You were just glad she became friends with you. As you got there, you saw your friend come up and hug you. "hey girl. I want you to meet the people that are here." She said and led you inside. Music was screaming through the house and people were talking all at once. She introduced you to many people. She then got to her boyfriend Zayn and introduced you to him. You immediately thought he was the sexiest person you met. You two talked and your friend was happy that you were getting along with her boyfriend. After the party ended, you two exchanged numbers and eventually confessed feeling for each other months after. You were never friends with that girl ever again after she found out.

Louis: At a Bruno Mars concert. Your life long dream came true when you got almost front row to your favorite singer. You sang and danced to all the songs. Once it go to the, "When I Was Your Man" song, you heard a person singing loudly along to it. He was a good singer, you thought. You turned and saw a brunette that had an angelic voice. When the song ended, everyone clapped as you went and told him that he was a wonderful singer. You two introduced each other and sang along to the rest of the songs that Bruno sang. You two then exchanged numbers and eventually hung out again.

(Sorry that these are a bit small. Later, they may get bigger)

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