LDR (Long Distance Relationship)

Read as Abi and Jan get through the sadness, happines, distance and trials.

This is true love, and true love beat the distance, number and trials.

True story :)


1. facebook


It's been 2 years and Im still single. But it's okay, Im waiting for the right guy. The guy who can love me for who I am and will treat me a Princess. I checked my facebook if someone added me or messaged me.

Friend request I have one, I accept it. And his name is Jan. (Im not gonna write or put their real surnames for their own good and private life. ) Jan De Guzman nice. The later on I received a message/chat.

It's Him.

J: Hi :)

A: hello

J: my friend said that I should add you here on Facebook, so I did. Nice to meet or chat with you :)

A: who's friend? Nice to meet you too.

J: Raine Kristel

A: ah, I see. You know that we're in Japan right?

J: yeah she already told me that. And Im from Philippines tho, I live in Orion, Bataan. Same as Raine.

A: yeah i know she lives there too. Im from Philippines too in Malolos, Bulacan. But I moved here in Japan when I was 12 years old. So yeah, and Raine and I go at the same school to. :)

The chat goes on and on until 3:45 am

J: aren't you have school tomorrow? What time is it there?

A: it's already 3:45 am here. Yeah I should go to sleep. 2:45 am there right? Just 1 hour advance here. You should go sleep too. :)

J: yeah sure sure. :) good night Princess :)

A: Princess? Haha thank you good night :)

*next morning*

I woke up around 7:00 am to get ready for school. I checked first my facebook if Jan is already awake. Probably not it's 6 am there and he slept nearly 3 am there. Okay he's not awake. Im gonna get ready.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast, fixed my hair. And wear my uniform and carry my bag.

I messaged my bestfriend Raine.

To: Raine

Hey girl, should I wait you near at the pedestrian lane?

From: Raine

No, it's okay. Im gonna be late today.

To: Raine

Oh okay. Good luck haha

Sorry if it's short wait for the Part two of this Chapter.

My first time to write a movella :)

Thank you for reading my movella:)

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