The girl thats me.

The girl.


1. that's just me

My name is Juliet. I live in New York with my dad, my mom? What about her, I don't know her It's just me and my dad. When I was about 15 I meet this boy. I really loved that boy he was always there for me. Ore that's what he made me believed in.. He told me I was the one He was so old? Why did I fall for him. He was mine and only mine, but then something happend my dad died and I was alone. Okay let me start from the beginning

I just woke up, it was 6am I had school to do, I hated it I just wanted to spend my day with Michael. But I did go to school any way, new scars on my arms. They were so deep, the hours when't and I was off school. Michael was waiting for me in the parking lot in his car, I almost run to him. I got in the car and we drove alway. The time when't I had to go home to my dad. He kissed me goodbye and dropped me of. Hey dad (no response), it was like the house was empty, and then I found him.. He was dead. I run to the phone and called 911. They came. I was just in the corner crying, I couldn't stand, I was so week of crying.... They took me to the hospital. I didn't told anyone.. I stopped taking care of my school. I lived alone in my dad's house. Michael starting dumping me. I was so sad. So I decide to look for my mom, the only one who knew who she was, I started looking for her.. No one knew about her. She was like a ghost Alive but they didn't knew were she was in the world, I started

Looking for my papers I found them, her name was Bella, her last name was gone, someone deleted it. But her address stood there so I went there.. I ringed on the door bell.. And then I woman came out.

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