Beautiful Disaster *Luke Hemmings LS* (WARNING: there are gays in story ) -COMPLETED-

"I tried to save her but it was too late" I thought to myself.
Emma Alfanso has a tragic story but she's only told one person. Will that person tell her deepest secret or will that he/she keep her secret?. Emma cuts and Burns herself nobody knows that though.She is bullied not because she cuts or burns but because she is mute ever since she was 12 she was mute never spoken a word since then she is now 17 years old in highschool. Will she be saved or will it be too late? Her father..... Your going to have to read to find out :D :L :D :L
(sorry its bad i suck at descriptions but please read)


17. ~Wow.~

Emma's Pov:

When we got to the hospital they brought me to this room and they said they were going to check my head to see if I broke my skull and all blah blah blah. But my doctor is a middle aged guy he's cute but kind of a perv. But he's just checking my head I'm sure nothing else is going to happen.

Luke's Pov:

I unfortunately had to wait in the waiting room according to Dr.Velez Emma's doctor he looks like a freaking creep if you ask me. I called the guys and told them that I was at the hospital with Emma and they said their on their way, they should be here in 5,4,3,2 "Hey Luke what happened?!" Calum asked I looked at the group and saw that there were 3 people I didn't recognize "Hey man so you know how im supposed to be at my 'Uncles' place for the month because of my mum?" I asked "Yeah." they answered "Well it turns out he kidnapped a girl and kept her down in his basement for like freaking 3 days without food or water and he kept me down there too but earlier I checked if the door to the basement was open and luckily it was. I heard a noise from the kitchen so I went to check and I saw a lady lying on the floor bleeding so I called the ambulance and they came also they took Emma-" I was cut off by a guy with a quiff formed hair "WHAT HAPPENED TO EMMA?!" he screamed at me "And who are you exactly?" I sassed "Im her boyfriend Jake who are you?" "She never mentioned a boyfriend and im her friend Luke." "I don't care who you are just tell me what their doing to my baby!" I started to get annoyed by this Jake guy I clenched my jaw and my hands were in fists "Im going to need you to calm your ass." I said ready to punch him but before I could do anything a girl jumped in "Jake calm down im sure she's doing fine. She's in good hands." she said "Yeah and my sister was in 'good hands' and how do you think that turned out? huh Taylor?!" she stayed quiet "SHE'S DEAD TAYLOR! BECAUSE SHE WAS SUPPOSBLY IN 'GOOD HANDS'!" "I was only trying to help but you know what im done with your bullshit! We just met like 2 days ago but I have now learned that you cant let anybody try to help you from all this time I tried to help you when you found out she was missing! I understand that she's your girlfriend but you know she was our friend too so call me when you get over yourself." she said and walked out the door. I coughed "Well that isolated quickly." I said "Shut up." he said and walked up to the front desk with us following behind "What room is Emma Anderson in." the lady tapped away on the keyboard with her long nails and popped her gum "Emma Anderson 6th floor room 74." "she said and popped eher gum again. "Thank you." I said and walked to the elevator

~After the elevator ride~

Emma's Pov:

After the doctor finished examining my head he told me he took some tests and he came back with them. The door opened and Luke came in along with Jake, Adrian, Jaden, Calum, and 2 other guys I don't know the name of but where's Taylor and my mum? Jake ran up to me crushing me into a hug "Emma I was worried sick! I didn't know where you were and- im so glad you're okay baby!" I smiled into his chest and hugged back I felt the bed sink in I looked up and smiled  "Hi love, how ya holding up?" Luke asked sitting on the edge of my bed I looked at Jake and saw him shooting daggers into Luke's head, if looks could kill. They took some tests I don't have a head injury thank god but Dr.Velez came back with other test results and he told me.. I looked down and started crying... badly Jake pulled me into another hug and rubbed my back softly "It's okay Em you can tell us. We'll get through it together I promise babe." I nodded and signed He came back with other test results and said that I had. I looked up at them Cancer I signed and starting crying again Jake got up and walked out the door. I don't even care right now Where's my mum? I signed sniffling they looked at each other Calum answered "I uhm called her earlier and uh she said that she's at uhm Australia.." One word ~Wow.~ 


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