Beautiful Disaster *Luke Hemmings LS* (WARNING: there are gays in story ) -COMPLETED-

"I tried to save her but it was too late" I thought to myself.
Emma Alfanso has a tragic story but she's only told one person. Will that person tell her deepest secret or will that he/she keep her secret?. Emma cuts and Burns herself nobody knows that though.She is bullied not because she cuts or burns but because she is mute ever since she was 12 she was mute never spoken a word since then she is now 17 years old in highschool. Will she be saved or will it be too late? Her father..... Your going to have to read to find out :D :L :D :L
(sorry its bad i suck at descriptions but please read)


20. Touring with 5 Seconds of Summer!

Emma's Pov:

We were all spread around the living room  being on our lazy butts. So my mum went to Australia and I am not going to go look for her because she could have been looking for me, or could've went to the police but she didn't she just left. I told the guys that I couldn't live on my own because I don't vene have a job and I still have school. They suggested that I come on tour with them. Yes you heard right im going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Should be interesting. As for school I will be doing it online so I will still be learning things other kids are learning. "Babe can I talk to you outside please?" Jake asked me in my ear I nodded and we went outside What's wrong? he sighed "Emma im breaking up with you. And yes I do have a reason which is I cant be going out with someone who has cancer and a burning/cutting problem. That could ruin my reputation everywhere and I cant risk that." So you mean to tell me that everything we did and said was all a lie. Now you're breaking up with me because im sick?! "Yeah. pretty much. Cya." he said and walked away leaving me there to cry. I shouldn't be crying over him that jerk . I wiped my tears and walked back inside walked into a random room where I broke down crying. "Hey hey what's wrong?" I jumped because I didn't think anyone was in here I silently sighed Jake broke up with me "Did he say why?" Luke asked I nodded He said he cant be going out with someone who has cancer and a burning/cutting problem. That could ruin his reputation everywhere and he cant risk that. I started crying again "You shouldn't be crying over that ass, he just lost the best thing in his world." I sniffled looking up at Luke and his beautiful blue eyes and that lip ring, god the lip ring. I couldn't resist so I kissed him. It was only like a peck because I pulled away quickly noticing what I was doing I am so sorry Luke! "Don't be its okay. What do you say me and you go to six flags and we can invite everyone else if you'd like. Just for a fun day. Whaat do you say?" I nodded my head really fast and got ready.

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