Beautiful Disaster *Luke Hemmings LS* (WARNING: there are gays in story ) -COMPLETED-

"I tried to save her but it was too late" I thought to myself.
Emma Alfanso has a tragic story but she's only told one person. Will that person tell her deepest secret or will that he/she keep her secret?. Emma cuts and Burns herself nobody knows that though.She is bullied not because she cuts or burns but because she is mute ever since she was 12 she was mute never spoken a word since then she is now 17 years old in highschool. Will she be saved or will it be too late? Her father..... Your going to have to read to find out :D :L :D :L
(sorry its bad i suck at descriptions but please read)


27. The talk and Audrey

Jake's Pov:

I honestly have no idea what im going to say to Emma but I have realized that I still love her and I always have. It was also selfish of me to break up with her for popularity. I bet she'll never take me back now. Try Jake you have to try a voice in the back of my head said ''One minute." Emma said I looked her as to say what then I remembered "Emma Im sorry for breaking up with you It was selfish of me I was only thinking about myself and popularity." I said "Mhm is that all because you have only 30 seconds." She said I shook my head no "Emma I want you to take me back, please, im nothing without you!'' "I love you." "You should've thought about that before you told me that I had a problem and cancer. And the thing is I knew I had a problem and everyone else always kept reminding me of it but I never thought you would tell me the same things and saying you cant date me cause people will judge you if you have a girlfriend with cancer, cuts, and burns herself and you'll lose your reputation on the top Jake!" she screamed tears running down her cheeks I messed up big time No shit Sherlock the same voice in my head said "Get out Jake your time is up and this talk is over. I don't ever wanna see you ever again. Got it?" she said 'Im sorry." I said and walked out the house. What a great talk. I think as I sigh and drive off in my truck.

Emma's Pov:

After Jake left I ran to the room and jumped on the bed grabbing a random stuffed animal and cried into it. I cried for about an hour and a half when I remembered I have to call Luke I got my phone and dialed his number he answered right away

-Luke: "Emma are you okay?! I was worried you weren't going to call or text I was just about to come home if you didn't call in the next minute!" he screamed sounding worried I chuckled

Emma: "Luke im perfectly fine I was watching SpongeBob and fell asleep I woke up not too long ago." I lied "How is dinner going?" I asked

Luke: "Dinner's going amazing Kenzie and the others went to the arcade. She's having some much fun with them and they LOVE her." He said hearing the happiness in his voice made me wonder are they really better off without me bothering them? "Love you there?" Luke asked

Emma: "Uhm oh yeah sorry I was admiring your penguin!" I laughed a fake laugh hoping he'll fall for it and luckily he did "Hey don't judge that penguin is very beautiful! I AM LUKETHEPENGUIN" he said defending himself I just faked laughed more so he wont suspect anything. "It's is quiet cute if I do say so myself, ME WANT A PENGUIN NOW" I wined he just laughed "Don't worry babe i'll win you one I promise." he said "Awee thank you boo!" I said "Listen babe I gotta go i'll see you at home with your penguin in hand." "Okay byee boo" I said and hung up. I know what you're probably thinking 'Are they dating?" well no we aren't we just call each other babe and boo kinds of names. I decided to go for a walk so fixed myself put some makeup on and changed putting on my converse an heading out the door. As I was walking I saw Starbucks and started walking there I stopped when I heard crying I followed the sound and found a girl about my age crying in a woods like place. I sat down next to her. Should I talk or sign to her? I should talk whatever she's crying about must be really sad or something "Hey, hey what's wrong?" I asked she jumped a little I half smiled "M-my mum k-kicked me out a-after  I-I told her d-dad r-raped me she didn't b-believe me!" she said and cried more I pulled her into a hug "Come on, i'll take you to the doctor I can call my friend to pick us up. You need to get checked up to see if you're hurt anywhere." I said calmly she shook her head furiously " I cant go there! My only bother- My only friend died in that hell hole and I will not let the same thing happen!'' She screamed  "Okay, okay shh calm down cupcake I wont force you to go but lets get you to my place yeah?" I asked her she nodded slowly "Im Emma by the way." I said "Audrey." she answered and we left to Luke's place.


Watttttup guy's! TWO UPDATES IN ONE DAY SHOULD I MAKE ONE MORE UPDATE because like I have nothing else to do and I loveeee writing for y'all to read its also raining so like I cant go out anywhere and I got no one to drive me ma parents went to New York or Maine to visit someone. Anywhore I love you guys for reading my story and does anyone know how to delete a story cause like I have no clue how to. Thank you just leave it in the comments I shall love you forever and ever until forever ends which is never! Andee Xxx





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