Beautiful Disaster *Luke Hemmings LS* (WARNING: there are gays in story ) -COMPLETED-

"I tried to save her but it was too late" I thought to myself.
Emma Alfanso has a tragic story but she's only told one person. Will that person tell her deepest secret or will that he/she keep her secret?. Emma cuts and Burns herself nobody knows that though.She is bullied not because she cuts or burns but because she is mute ever since she was 12 she was mute never spoken a word since then she is now 17 years old in highschool. Will she be saved or will it be too late? Her father..... Your going to have to read to find out :D :L :D :L
(sorry its bad i suck at descriptions but please read)


6. 21 Questions

Emma's Pov:

Calum and I were now playing 21 questions and this is what happened.

Calum: Favorite color

Emma: Easy Purple. Birthday

Calum: January 25,1996. Favorite Band

Emma:One Direction. "WHOO ONE DIRECTION!" Nick yelled I silently laughed and wrote Shoe size

Calum: Size 9. First kiss

I blushed and wrote Tonight.

"Wow really?" I nodded "Okay, your turn."

Pizza or Subway?

"Pizza any day. do you sing or dance anything along the lines of music or dancing?"

I used to sing and I dance a little. Siblings?

''Why'd you stop singing? and you should show us some of your dancing sometime."

I don't know I guess I didn't want to keep singing/talking anymore. and yeah you should come by the studio on Mary St. tomorrow afternoon after I finish packing. :) With the help of Shawn im sure I will finish by 2:00. Full name and do you sing or dance?

"Okay. Yeah sounds like a plan and can I bring the other guys along and what do you mean by packing are you moving or something? Shawn as in Shawn Mendes?  Im in a band called 5Seconds of Summer and Calum Thomas Hood is my full name."

Wait. Did you said Hood was your last name as in Calum Hood, Jake Hood's brother?

"Yeah, didn't he tell you?" and the game ended.... I think I wasn't paying attention

No he didn't and I wonder why. Why didn't Jake tell me he had a older brother in a band like this isn't something I want my boyfriend to keep from me. I'll try to ask him tomorrow at the studio, Maybe he had a good reason for keeping this a secret from me maybe h-. My thoughts were interrupted by Taylor waving her hand in my face calling my name Sorry what? I wrote they  chuckled and Adrian said "We asked if you are ready to go to sleep cause its like..." he looked at his wrist "3:30 AM" he finished "You don't even have a watch on" Jaden said "JIMMY PROTESTED!" he yelled we all just laughed at him. You goofball, and about bed yeah sure lets go to sleep. but where exactly are we going to be sleeping? I asked pointing to me and Calum well typed. "You can sleep in the guest bedroom if you'd like, Calum will sleep with me and Jaden and Adrian will be sleeping together yeah?" Tay said pointing on her fingers as she named where everyone would be sleeping. I guess im going to be sleeping by myself like every single night but I usually have my stuffed purple giraffe to cuddle with me but now I don't even have Jake. No I shouldn't be thinking about him right now. I than got a text message, it was from a unknown number

Txt Messages:

Unknown number: Did you miss me?

Me: Who is this?

Unknown number: That's for me to know and you to find out.

Me: How the hell am I supposed to find out? But if this is Jake and your playing a trick on me I swear to god to will hurt you tomorrow and break up with you because this isn't funny.

Unknown number:If you want to find out come to the old house next to Wickery Bridge while everyone is asleep and don't bring anyone with you or your little Jakey will get it. Understand?

I gulped. Me: What if I don't come?

Unknown number: Than I will have to hurt one of your friends and  you wouldn't want that now would you. But who should I start with? Jose? Aunt Mel? Jake? Your mum.

Me: Okay, i'll be there/ Don't hurt any of my friends or family i'll be there.

Unknown number: Good don't tell anyone about this.

Me: Ok

And I left when everyone was asleep...

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