What would I do without you?

Emily is a 18 year old girl, who is looking for someone to help her recover from her sister, Eleanor, tragic death. Maybe one of her brother, Liam's friends, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall can help her and maybe find love along the way


8. The dream

That night Liam brought home his new girlfriend, Sophia Cox. It was Sunday night, and Liam was introducing us to his girlfriend, I was trying to pay attention but I still couldn't stop thinking of Harry, and to make even worse Eleanor's birthday would of been next week, she would of been 20 this year. There was something about Harry that helped me cope with my sister's death, but now I had Harry and Eleanor to be upset about. 

Harry didn't call or text for the next few days and I thought he had accepted that it was over between us. The question was did I want it to be over between us? But then I thought, since he hasn't called or texted means that's he's moved on and probably has a new girlfriend, and I should too. As I lay on my bed, I thought about what I was going to do for Eleanor's birthday, it's been tradition for me, since she died to do something to say happy birthday. I decided that I was going to go to the florist and order a bunch of her favorite flowers, which were right roses then I would lay them on the grave. Thinking about it, a tear slipped down my cheek. Eleanor was the person that would help me get through these things and now what was I supposed to do, go to my brother and ask him for help. But I didn't know if I was crying because of Harry or because of Eleanor or both.  Even if I wanted to talk to Liam about it, he's never home anymore, says he's busy, and he he won't tell me what he's busy with. Does Liam also miss Eleanor? Or is it just me? Does Liam remember that it  would be Eleanor birthday is 6 days? 

When I went to sleep, Eleanor creeped into my dreams. It would be ordinary thing like me at school and then I would see her at the end of the hallway. I'd run as fast as run to get to here and then she would disappear as soon as I got to here. It carried on like that, me at home and  I'd be watching television and I see her standing beside the tv, I'd rush to her and se would disappear.

I woke up, panting. I sat up and then I said out loud," I miss you Eleanor," and before I could say anything I realized I said Harry instead of Eleanor.  What is wrong with me?

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