What would I do without you?

Emily is a 18 year old girl, who is looking for someone to help her recover from her sister, Eleanor, tragic death. Maybe one of her brother, Liam's friends, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall can help her and maybe find love along the way


6. The band

"Are you okay?" Harry asked me the next day at the cemetery. When we got to the cemetery and rushed to my sisters headstone. It was a really nice headstone, grayish in color, "May Eleanor Grace Payne rest in peace." Most people don't get it worded like they way we did, but Eleanor was also different from everyone else. Now I was on my knees by the headstone with my face in my hands, crying. I guess because I didn't answer Harry took that as a no. He knelt down and wrapped me in his arms. "Its okay," he said hugging me tighter. The truth is I liked being wrapped in his arms, being with him seemed to make everything seem better. After 10 minutes I got up, laid flowers on Eleanor's grave and said goodbye. Harry and I walked back to his car and he opened the car door for me. Harry decided that this was no time for music, so he put the radio on  mute. I didn't know where we were going but I decided that I soon would find out, so I stayed silent, staring out the window looking at the trees and mountains and rivers, thinking about nothing.

Harry took me home. We walked into the living room where my brother was sitting with Zayn, Niall and Louis, with Ashley next to him. I wasn't crying anymore, so I hoped my face wasn't red still. Harry and I sat down next to Liam. "Ready to rehearse Harry?" my brother asked looking at Harry. "We just finished watching a movie, so we can start now," Niall added. "Sure, lets go." Harry said. We all went into the basement, including me and Ashley. Ashley and I sat on an old couch that we put in the basement after we got a new couch. The brown leather was a bit torn, but otherwise it was fine. The boys started rehearsing and too my surprise they could all sing really well, even Liam. Watching them rehearse was actually quite fun, watching these boys, Id known my whole life sing really well was very surprising. "Oh guys, I got us a gig at some club," Louis said when they all stopped for a break and were drinking water. The other four boys all shouted comments, like "Awesome," and " Cool." I have to admit I do think they are good enough to perform. The boys carried on rehearsing for another hour and they all went home. Harry gave me a quick kiss on the lips and told me he would pick me up tomorrow, since he only works the morning shifts at the bakery.

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