What would I do without you?

Emily is a 18 year old girl, who is looking for someone to help her recover from her sister, Eleanor, tragic death. Maybe one of her brother, Liam's friends, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall can help her and maybe find love along the way


1. A feeling

As I walk on the sidewalk I see couples kissing, hugging and laughing together  and I hope that one day I'll have someone to comfort me. I was walking home from school  that day, it was a dull, rainy day much the way I felt. Three years ago, today, my sister, Eleanor died in a car crash, those months after the crash I spent in my room, feeling that it was my fault my sister died, but to be honest I wanted to be able to do something that would of prevented her death. I miss having someone to talk to and share my feelings and desires with, I miss being able to gossip with her and have someone to talk to when things weren't right at school. I don think I'll ever be able to talk to be my brother, Liam like that ever, sure I love my brother and all but I don't have the same connection with him as I had with Eleanor. So, as I carried on walking home, lost in my thoughts I began to think about my future, what job will I have, will I have any kids, but I wondered when will meet a guy that will treat my nicely. Someone that I can be who I am with and someone who loves me for me. When I looked up again I was about 5 meters away from my house, but I was still lost in my thoughts!

 "Hey, Liam," I say as I walked into the house. Liam is turning 21 this year, while I'm turning 18. I walked into the kitchen to put my backpack down and I just hear laughing. I walk out the kitchen and go into the living room, and my brother is sitting on the couch with his four friends, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn. "Hey, Guys," I say hoping they actually hear me, which I seriously doubt because they are laughing so hard. "Oh, hey sis," said Liam still laughing so hard. I was going to ask him about his day, but decided I wasn't going to even try, so I turned around and started for the door. "Hey, wait," yelled Niall," Come sit with us!" I was very tempted to say no, but decided that that's rude, so I turned around and went and sat next to Harry. Harry has very curly brown hair and a lot of it, and he was wearing knee length black shorts and to my surprise no shirt! But I'm not going to complain about the no shirt thing but over all he is gorgeous. Once all five boys stopped laughing, Harry turned his head and looked at me, I kind of just froze for about 5 seconds because those greenish, blue eyes were just so gorgeous." Hey,"he said in that voice that could make a girl faint. After he spoke a woke up from my trance, and I smiled. Harry looked at me for about another ten seconds before I got up and walked to the staircase to go to my room. But as soon as I got to my room and flopped down on my bed, all these questions ran threw my mind. "Why was he staring at me?" "Why did I leave, when he was hitting on me?" Maybe he wasn't hitting on me, maybe Liam's friends dared him to flirt with me, but now that I think about it he didn't flirt with me, he just looked at me.

At about 7:30PM Liam's friends left, so I went downstairs to get something to eat. When I got into the kitchen, Liam was there making popcorn to eat. "Hey," I said leaning against the kitchen counter. "Want some popcorn?" he replied handing me the bowl of popcorn. "Thanks, "I said sticking my hand in the bowl and throwing some popcorn in my mouth. Liam and I walked together into the living room and sat down in the couch. Liam grabbed the remote and started flipping threw the channels. "What time are mum and dad coming home?" I asked getting some more popcorn. "They said they will be home around 11:00PM, they have a function for dads work tonight." "Oh, okay." We ended up watching a racing movie, but I don't remember what happened because all I could think about is that Eleanor should also be sitting on this couch, eating popcorn with us.

That night I dreamt of Eleanor, she was sitting in her boyfriends, Nathan's car, getting ready to go to a fancy restaurant out of town. Then I would see them hit the other car, and Eleanor just in the car struggling until she couldn't struggle anymore. The dream was horrible because I had to see the life leave her body.

When I woke up, I got out of bed and started walking towards the bathroom to shower. In the bathroom I stood at the mirror and looked at myself. I looked just like she did. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, this is what she looked like when she left this world. After I finished looking in the mirror, I got in the shower and thought how unfair it was that Eleanor had died, but Nathan, who was driving survived with nothing but a scratch on his knee. I felt like crying but the tears wouldn't come!

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