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I'm Back ! I was thinking . You know how sometimes all of a sudden you stop and think , I'm going to be grown up one day , and it's not always going to be like this . I had one of those moments today .

I was thinking what's going to happen when I grow up ? Am I still going to be the same Trinity that all my friends say they love . Am I going to find the love of my life ? Am I still going to live in the same country or a different one ? Am I ever going to get married ?

No one knows what the future can hold . It sorta like an option book , because If you have an option an you choose one that can change your whole path in life . Sometimes I am scared that I'll make the wrong choice so I don't make a choice at all .

It all gets so confusing sometimes . I mean am I a good person ? Do people truly like me , or are they just faking it ? Sometimes I want to curl up in a ball and burst into tears , and just let it all out .

I keep thinking about what might happen , but I have to keep living in the present . Not wanting to revisit the past . I understand that . But sometimes its vestry frustrating and hard for me to do . I just want to freeze time and do everything in my power to age .

That's the one thing I fear in life is time . How much do I have ?

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