Run for your Life

Erylis: she looks like a fairly normal girl, somewhat of an outcast. She has been going around doing some bad things with what seems like her weapon with multiple forms, causing panic where they go. That is the story most have. This story follows the narrator and Erylis as she uncovers her story to him. Starting from as early as she can manage. But she keeps leaving out some details, what could she be hiding? Or is she just trying to protect her partner? But the real question is far more serious then that. This is somewhat of an evolving story, I may take suggestions from the comments if they fit into the story. So don't be afraid to comment.

originally on Wattpad, here is a link with a note to make sure you people dont go 'stealer' on me


4. Union/Undercover

Erylis was sitting down, she really couldn't move for a moment, she took a deep breath closing her eyes for a moment standing up straight. "That was the luckiest shot i have ever pulled" She finally managed to say, Will transforming back out of his weapon form next to her "You're telling me. Though it was pretty funny watching that weapon start to freak out when you caught him. And how you just bonked him" He let out a howl of laughter. Erylis glared for a moment, she didn't find it funny at all, "Shouldn't you be injured?" She asked raising an eyebrow.
"Eh, it'll be fine, i hope" Erylis groaned a bit grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to the car opening the passenger side door for him "If we hurry we can get you to a hospital, don't complain, i would rather not have you die" Will didn't move. He just stood there for a moment like a child trying to get out of taking medication. Erylis took a deep breath, why was he suddenly acting like a child? It annoyed her a bit, so she walked to the trunk and grabbed some of her t-shirts from her bag. "Why are you acting like this, if you don't go you are going to pass out from blood loss, got it?" She tossed her shirts at him slamming the trunk door with a thud. "Now get in the car or i will drag you all the way there" Without waiting for him to make a reply she walked to the driver's side sitting down and getting herself situated. She didn't even look over till the car was on. "Get in!" She yelled at Will, who in turn slipped in with more haste then before "Better" She said putting the car into drive and then pressing on the gas. First she was a bit slow, getting up to normal interstate speed, then she pushed a bit harder and harder on the gas till she was going near 100 MPH.
Of course within a few minutes there was a cop behind them. So she slowed down pulling over. The moment they were at a stop, her  heart racing a bit., she put on her wig and her contacts looking over to Will "Be passed out for a moment" Then she waited, it felt like an eternity, like the cop was put on pause and she was waiting for someone to push play on him. When he did finnally get to the car she rolled down her window and looked out.
"License and registration, miss" He said his hand on the top of her car.
"I am sorry i don't have time to do that" She said her voice sounding rushed and out of place for the cop "I mean, my friend cut himself, I am trying to get to the nearest town so I can get him to a hospital"
"How badly hurt is he?"
"I don't know, but he won't answer me when i ask him a question, please just let me go"
"I'll take you to the nearest town and get you to the hospital quick, just wake him up" The police officer, well highway patrolman, said doing a quick jog to his car and then driving forward his siren on. Erylis put her car into drive and followed "You can be awake now." With a long pause and no answer she shook him "Will?" Another pause "WILL!" She then yelled shaking him harder till he stirred slightly "Stay awake, the officer is taking us to the hospital." Will just made a small groan. Erylis wracked her brain for ways to keep him awake... "What was that constellation, the one you showed me that had three legs?" He lightly mumbled "I can't hear you, speak up"
"Ok, we made a consultation that wasn't that far from that, what did we call that?"
"I think it was burst" His voice was very soft, but it was there. Erylis now had to think a little bit harder to get questions, so she decided to start with the simple ones "Favorite color?"
"What's your middle name?"
"Favorite book?"
"Scarlet Letter"
"Don't have one" His voice was getting only slightly stronger at this point, but he was awake like the officer had told her to do. They continued the questionnaire for about another 15 minutes till they pulled into the parking lot area of the Hospital. "Can you promise me something?" Was the last question Erylis asked. She only got a small nod from Will, she gritted her teeth "Will you promise to come with me after this is over?"
"Sure, it's been fun so far" Erylis smiled a bit looking over at Will as she parked the car

"And then we got him taken care of. Nothing much happened after that, it was a few days before I was able to even get him out of there sneaking out"
"Why would you do that, he must have been weak still!" I interrupted starting to stand up but sat down clearing my throat "W-why did you do that? There must have been a good reason"
"I'll tell you, so calm down"

"They are going to find us again, i am surprised they haven't already" Erylis said to will laying down her head on his bed, he was looking a lot better, between whatever happened before she met him and the really deep cuts, apparently he had been pretty bad "I am sure we will be fine, plus how will I get out of here?" he asked raising an eyebrow. Erylis stood up and walked to the other side. "I will wait on the ground just below your window, can a trust you to change into your weapon form for me to catch?"
"Sure" Will replied, Erylis smiling and walking in the direction of the door "One question. Why didn't you just leave? It's dangerous, like you said, to be here so why?"
"Because i am trying to help you keep your promise"
'What promise...Elli get back here! Wait!"  Will said as Erylis walked out the door and down the stairs saying her goodbyes to the people she passed.
The only light is from the moon. Erylis thought looking up at the window that Will might be coming out of any second. She definatly wasn't going to leave him here, he might get caught, and after she saw how serious they were about catching them, it might not end well for either of them. So she waited. She listened out for any windows opening up, which it came about 3 minutes later. 'Will" She lightly called seeing his head poke out "Come on, jump quickly, before anyone comes." She said holding up her hands. Will hesitated for only a second and jumped, changing into his weapon form on the way down and landing in Erylis' hands. He did a good job, Erylis wasn't fully prepared for for weight of both the fallling and his weapon form, so he slipped a bit and knicked her leg "Ow" She complained softly Will changing back "Are you all right?"
"I'm fine, just mostly a surprise, come on, the car is close."
Will nodded slightly walking, fairly fast actually, with Erylis right behind him. The looked behind them every once in a while to see if they were being followed, luckily no, but most likely there were panicked doctors and nurses trying to figure out where Will went off to.
"Almost there, I parked close" Erylis said taking the lead and speeding up to make it there quicker. She stopped throwing the passanger side door open and walking to the driver's side getting in a bit more calmly "We are going to start going back east, and south a lot, probably end up somewhere flordia like." Erylis said turning on the car and starting to drive away, trying her best to remain calm even when she wanted to floor the gas petal. "Ok, so what are we going to do after that?"
"Go west. My idea is just wonder the country till we decide what we are going to do, possibly go to a different country, i can sell my car and we can get a few plane tickets, maybe make some passports. Though i dont know my Social."
"I have my own passport. Got it when I started going to the DWMA, did you have a passport before you ran away?"
"Yeah but it is still at my house, There is no way to get it without a fuss"
"Why don't i say i am with the government and ask to see the passport?" Will asked "And then keep it saying this will help find you. You can pretend to be my partner with your wig on and contacts, we can get it and be gone"


Erylis pulled on her light colored scarf and pulled down her skin tight jeans. This was nothing like she would wear, it was annoying. "Why do i have to wear this?" She asked putting her contacts in and then her wig. They were at Erylis' sort of host house the town she stayed in for a year. "Because, your parents cant recognize you at all." Will said putting on a rental suit "But we will have to get a job somewhere again after this, so we can be sure to have money for gas and everything else."
"I know, your tie is on wrong by the way" Erylis said turning to Will, she had helped Alex fix his suits for interviews, he often came to her house before that "Here" She untied it and slowly started to tie it right. "You are as good as tying ties as Alex is."
"Who's Alex?"
"He is a good friend of mine, good enough he almost caught me when we were just having a simple conversation"
"Oh" They were quiet after that, till Erylis told Will that the tie was good now. He buttoned up the shirt and they walked downstairs thanking the so to speak host parents for letting them stay the night. The parents made comments about Will being Erylis' boyfriend and then they left. "I'm driving" Will said getting into the driver's side. Erylis pursed her lips "No i am, i know how to get there an..."
"What would it look like if the partner was driving?" Erylis crossed her arms a bit, he did have a point there, but how would he know how "You will tell me directions so i don't get lost" Erylis nodded a bit and then slipped into the passenger side. From there she pointed the way to the highway she took to get to the town. "Use William instead of Will when introducing yourself. William sounds more formal then Will. And you better think of a full name."
"What about your full name?" Will asked one hand on the wheel.
"Erylis Angel Smith. I thought it up first day when i was looking for jobs"
"Hm....we cant have the same last name so i can use my real last name. How does William James Horvenson sound?"
"You are using your own middle name as well?"
"How do you know.....oh it was when we were driving to the hospital, huh?"
They had simple conversations after that. Discussing what Will had said "Why don't you tell me the answers to your questions, since i told you, you tell me"
"Blue, no favorite food but my favorite drink is Chocolate milk, Middle name is Lee, My favorite book is Dragons-wood, Movie at the moment is Wreck it Ralph.." She continued on, going through every question in her mind that she could remember. "You forgot one" Will said glancing over. "Will you come with me once this is all over?"
"If we get caught, will we do our best to stay partners?"

"You didn't keep your promise, you promised that if you get caught-"
"The promise was we" She said leaning back on her chair, I think i got it now, she decided that she would end up breaking their promise if they both were caught, Will had his own partner before he left, and they might not even let them. "Well ok" I replied leaning back as she did. "What happened at your parent's house?"

Erylis shifted at the front door step, she had never had to ring her own doorbell before, it was also strange being back here after so long. For the first time since she got it, her wig itched her neck. making her feel even more uncomfortable. It felt like forever till the door opened, her father standing there "Who are you?" He asked looking at Will."I am William James Horvenson, this is my partner Erylis Angel Smith, we are here about your daughter."
"She ran away over a year ago, and why is your partner so fidgety?"
"This is her first day on the job, and we know she ran away, that is what we are here about. Did she have some form of ID? Something with her full name, date of birth, things of that nature."
"Yes, come on in" Her father said moving aside, Will going in followed by Erylis. She looked around her old house. Nothing much looked different. Their dog was missing by the looks of it, he usually came running through to meet new people. Where was he? She stood awkwardly in the front hallway messing with her fingers. "She didn't have a driver's license before she ran away, so would a Passport work?" Erylis smiled a bit, only slightly, she knew that was all she had, none of her family was in the military, she didn't have a job, nor did she have her driver's license. "That would be just fine" Will said, her father nodding and then walking away. "Stop being so fidgety" Will said to Erylis after her father had gone. Erylis forced her hands to her side looking down slightly. She hoped that he mother wouldn't come. Her hopes her dashed when her father returned with her mother right behind him. "Here you go, do you have any leads?"
"yes, some people said they saw her about a month ago the next town over, she might have been thinking of coming back before deciding not. We just wanted a good look at her face and get a general age." Will said grabbing the passport and turning to the page with all the information, looking at the expiration date. They had a year. "Thank you, is it Ok if we take this with us?"
"Go ahead we won't use it" Her father said, her mother looked at them with slightly hopeful eyes that pierced Erylis, she wanted so bad to just hug her and tell her she had come home....No. Her mother spoke "Will you bring her back to us?"
"Yes" Erylis spoke then her voice reassuring. "I am sure once she realizes how much you two miss her, she will be back." Will looked back at her for a moment and put the passport in his pocket. "Well then, have a good day."

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