Run for your Life

Erylis: she looks like a fairly normal girl, somewhat of an outcast. She has been going around doing some bad things with what seems like her weapon with multiple forms, causing panic where they go. That is the story most have. This story follows the narrator and Erylis as she uncovers her story to him. Starting from as early as she can manage. But she keeps leaving out some details, what could she be hiding? Or is she just trying to protect her partner? But the real question is far more serious then that. This is somewhat of an evolving story, I may take suggestions from the comments if they fit into the story. So don't be afraid to comment.

originally on Wattpad, here is a link with a note to make sure you people dont go 'stealer' on me


3. Unidentified/Undercover

"I-I just killed a guy" Erylis said putting her hands to her head, the boy changing back to his normal self. "I killed him! Oh no-no-no-no-no" She started to pace around wide eyed and her mind swimming for ideas of what she was going to do. The boy stopped her in her tracks and pushed her arms down to look at her "Look, thank you for your help" He started getting an angry glare from Erylis "But don't worry about it, they were just some guys who were going to do nothing for society anyways" Erylis smacked him, it was a simple, but the sound of a solid slap told her that it was hard "Don't you ever say that about someone's life" She growled slightly "Or the next one will be a punch" The boy backed away arms in the air for surrender, though it was a bit lighthearted, it was clear by his expression that he wasn't really that scared "Fine, i wont. You probably wont see me ever again anyways" He said turning around and starting to leave. Erylis frowned arguing with herself whether she should stop him or not. Groaning a bit she said "Wait, it's late, you should at least stay in my car for the night, let me look at you injuries" The boy turned back walking over to her, after a bit of small talk they both sat down in the car, Erylis looking at his injuries, mostly bruises and a few scrapes from falling, but nothing to serious. "How did you get all the way out here, anyways?" Erylis finally asked the question that bugged her. The boy, who frankly she hadn't gotten the name of yet, said in reply "There is a town only a mile away from here, north. I ran from there, it does pay to stay in shape, even more so when the people you are running from decide to just forget their car" He laughed for a moment looking over to her "What are you doing sleeping in a car? You're young enough, you should have a family you could stay with."
"I ran away from home a year ago, thank you for bringing that up" Erylis said leaning her head back a bit.
"Just asking, what is your name anyways?"
"Ery....Elli" She decided last minute to tell him her real name, he didn't really seem like he would rat her out anyways. "What about you? You look the same age as me, and your name?"
"Ran away just like you, have been gone from home for only a few months though, my name is...."


"Why did you stop?" I asked having been in anticipation to hearing the boy's name. She just scoffed at me, she was now looking at us again as she told her story, her arms crossed against her chest "I am not telling you his name. He was my partner in all of this, I am not going to throw him under the bus" I could feel a growing frustration with this girl, i just wanted to wring answers out of her, I couldn't understand why she would keep such a simple detail.
"I have never heard of a weapon and a weapon being partners" Death commented thoughtfully. I had missed a crucial detail once again, This was probably why i wasn't the only one here, i was glad that someone else was here as well. "That is true" I continued realizing quickly that death had been lying slightly. Why would he do that? Death went back to his silence, not giving me anything else to work with/ "How did that work?"
"Figure it out, And i don't want him helping you" She pointed to death "He needs to pass just like any other kid"
"Why you..." I started narrowing my eyes. She just clicked her tongue and continued her story.


Erylis and her partner talked for most the night. Though the topic of reasons of running away never found their way into the conversation. When dawn started to come He asked "So why did you run away?" So he wasn't just avoiding it, it just wasn't fitting into the conversation right. Erylis stopped for a moment, should she tell him? It didn't seem he knew what she was. But he had a right to know since he seemed to reveal stuff to her. Taking a deep breath she started "Well about a year ago, i hurt one of my friends, i cut his cheek. I overheard my parents talking about a school, i read about it and thought it felt really wrong to have people who are like me should be automatically going. It really made me upset, so i ran. What about you?"
"Uh....I had been going to a school for a few months, and I decided i didn't like it at all. So I left. The poor people have been tracking the wrong name since then"
"So you told me a fake name?"
"No it is real, i submitted a fake name when enrolled."
"You're sneaky" Erylis laughed a bit looking out the window "I changed my name after running away. I changed it to Erylis, I just didn't want to go back"
"Well you sound like you had a reason to, what is so different about you anyways?"
"Um...." He would understand right? He wouldn't do what the others tried to do "I cut my friend with my hand"
"Oh" He seemed to have gotten what she was talking about, after a moment of awkward silence he burst out laughing. "What?" I asked looking over surprised at his sudden change of mood, my cheeks slightly flushed from it as well "It is just so funny. I never heard of a weapon wielding a weapon before" He said still laughing, yup, he got the idea. He didn't have to say it so blatantly, though. "So why don't you show me your weapon form?" He asked shifting himself to look at her better "Is it cool?"
"I don't know, i have been kind of avoiding that since I ran away, because it would be kind of a dead giveaway"
"Huh. Well i can teach you, tomorrow night, lets say we drive all day tomorrow and at night perfect our transformations" He seemed excited about the idea, Erylis only could smile, it wasn't to bad, she would have company that she could be herself around "Ok" She said uncertain "then first of all, i am taking off my wig and contacts, they are bugging me." She then pulled off the wig showing her longer brown hair and then took out her contacts to show her brown eyes "Good, we got that down. Next, we cant tell anyone our real names, I will call you Will, you call me Erylis. But when we are alone we use our real names. Deal?" They then agreed on their terms of staying together, mostly involving that they both got jobs when they got to a town they were staying in for a while, making themselves look as different as they can, and things in that nature. After that, Erylis noted that she was to tired to drive right now, and asked Will to drive for now. With a quick shift they started on their trip, Erylis sleeping beside him.


"I know his fake name you dont have to rub it in my face" I noted crossing my arms a bit, thinking back on the excert to try to figure out if there was anything important there. The sudden trust of the girl to her partner seemed to be something that only happened in movies. But somehow it happened here, maybe because she felt she could relate to that? That was a possibility. The boy used to be a student at the DWMA, they could see if there are any records of someone just suddenly not there, but he used a fake name here. The girl, after a bit of pause said "Fake names are just like nicknames, we call each other that to make it more fun, staying free was just there because we just happened to be in that situation. But really if you have read any Shakespeare, i don't know his most famous piece, "a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet'"


Erylis woke up after a while, looking outside to see darkness and them not moving anymore. It took her a moment for her to process what was going on, she sat up then looking around to see Will sleeping soundly beside her. Smiling she leaned her head back thinking for a moment, she wondered where they had stopped, they defiantly weren't at a rest stop, it looked like they had pulled off at an exit of some sort. Erylis quietly opened the car door stepping out and closing it quietly. She stepped away from the car and looked up to the sky, she was astonished. Never before has she seen so many stars, other then in pictures. She saw a band of purple-like clouds in a straight line going all the way across the sky. She could only guess that was the milky way. It was so amazing, she never wanted to leave the sight.
"Hey, i was wondering where you went" She heard will from behind with a slam of the door. Erylis turned around seeing him leaning on the car looking at her. "Oh, i just was looking at the stars" She said her eyes wondering back up till they were visible once more. Will walked around the car standing beside her and then pointed to a collection of stars "Right there is the constellation Centaurus, but it only has three legs for some reason. Don't ask me why" Erylis smiled a bit looking at the starts trying to make a shape out of it, she was able to get a basic shape but nothing much after that "That is really cool, the best i can show you is the little dipper" she said with a small laugh, for a moment forgetting she was with Will and not Alex. They talked and pointed at stars sometimes making their own constellations. This went on for most the night, till every star they could distinguish as singular stars.
After a bit longer of watching the stars in silence till Will spoke "So about your weapon form"
"What about it?"
"I promised I would help, didn't I?"
"I-I don't know....I mean, it would be trouble to you, and..." Erylis trailed off crossing her arms a bit, her heart racing a bit from "And i really don't want to learn" She then admitted tightening her arms a bit looking away. Will just shrugged it off "All right, is it ok if i keep traveling with you?" He asked his gaze steady on Erylis. "Yeah, I really don't see any problem...will i have to fight anyone else, i don't know if i can and if it comes to that, we may be in trouble."
"I don't know, in all honesty, maybe there will be more fights, maybe not. I wouldn't expect you to want to fight anymore, but one request: let's stop every night, if you are not going to fight, i need to learn how to use my weapon form by myself, i have some basics from the teachers at the DWMA, but i still need a lot of practice." Erylis thought for a bit, it shouldn't be a problem to stop, she could rest while he did his thing, and if he needed her to help him she would be willing to. So she agreed to this, after a bit more small talk they walked back to the car, Erylis taking the driver's side and they rested for a bit longer, though Erylis stayed awake thinking, wondering if she made the right choice. She had a feeling the road was going to be long from this point forward.


"When was this? Late spring, early summer?" I asked trying to connect the story i knew from the DWMA and her story, trying to find out of there are any inconsistencies. "I think this was May, somewhere around the 16th, i know it was about a week after my birthday so.." I wrote this down, around this time, we were just starting to quit the search of a missing student, who he guessed was Will. At the academy they called him Jacob, he wasn't sure what is real name was, but if it was anything it would be Jacob. "I see. Now what happened next?"
"Exactly what we planned, as we neared the middle of Wyoming, around the 20th" I wrote this down, that was when we got word of the attack on the two people. One died and the other had a concussion, and them having sent out a few people to find them "We ran into some trouble."


They had stopped for the night, it had been about 4 days since they had started to travel together and were getting used to the schedule, for about a day they stopped in a small town to just sight-see and see if there were any good jobs there. But they decided the town was to big and were making their way up to a national park to see if there were any entry level jobs there. "Hey, ..."


"Still not telling you his name" Elli said with a playful smile.


"How are you doing with your weapon?" Erylis asked laying down on the hood of the car looking over. Will, changing back his hand to a regular hand walked over "I think i am done for the night, are you sure you don't want me to help you?"
"You ask me this every night, it is going to stay a no."
"All right, scoot over, i want to relax as well" Will said pushing Erylis slightly and laying down as well, the stars were only slightly different here. "Oh i bought a camera last town" Erylis said pulling it out of her pocket and showing the disposable camera to Will "You know, to take pictures of things we would want, and to make this feel more like a vacation" She smiled winding up the film it making a scratching sound as she did. She then lifted it up looking through it with her eye and taking a picture of the sky. "There, first picture, we have 19 left." She put it back in her pocket and put her hands behind her head. Wishing that this chapter in her life didn't have to end, it was simple, and very adventure like.
After a while of watching the stars in complete silence there was a sound behind them of a car stopping, then slamming of doors, and then walking "Hello!" Was a voice, sounding somewhat cheerful, but serious at the same time. Erylis sat up followed by Will to look behind them. It was to guys, both tall, one with blonde hair and the other with obviously dyed green hair. The one with blonde hair was holding onto the other's arm, as if poised. "Good evening" Erylis replied trying to sound more cheerful then them. "What has you stopped?"
"We came to look at the stars, thought we would come talk to you since it sounds fun to meet new people" The one with green hair said. "What about you guys? You two seem awfully young to be traveling on your own."
"We are in collage" WIll said before Erylis could say anything "First year, we are traveling back home to see our parents"
"So you two are siblings?"
"Yes, twins actually" Erylis said after that smiling as she slipped off the car to talk to them. Something seemed off about them, it was strange for someone to hold onto the other's arm. Will followed standing just slightly in-front of Erylis "We are stopping for the night, we don't feel comfortable driving at night quite yet" He said finishing their answer slightly pushing Erylis back with his hand. She wondered what was wrong, why was he acting so strange around them. "Oh, well you didn't happen to see two people come through here? One with long black hair and green eyes, the other of unknown looks?" The blonde haired one said, by the look in his eyes he looked like he noticed Will pushing back Erylis. She felt her heart race, someone must have seen. She couldn't go to jail. "You know exactly where they are at, you dont have to play dumb" Will said his hand tightening in a fist.
"You're right, way to ruin our fun, we know it is you two, or it seems that way, the car matches, license plate and everything. We dont know if you are in collage or not, but we are placing you under arrest, rather then killing you here, for murder. We will treat you like juvenile and put you two in the DWMA, or you guys just stole the car, either way, you are under arrest."
"Like hell you are" Will said his hand changing into a blade, simultaneously the green haired boy changed into a disk thing, what was that? It was quite strange. Then the battle broke out. Will moved first running forward the foot and trying to stab the blonde one, but was blocked being thrown back slightly "Why doesn't she fight, it would seem to be more fair" She heard the green one from the weapon. He seemed puzzled by the sound of his voice. Erylis didn't answer that, she backed up going on the hood of the car again, just seconds before the disk was thrown getting Will on the arm cutting him deep. "Will!" Erylis called her hands clenching into fists. Will cursed a bit, standing up and waiting. For what? The disk returned to the Blonde one and he threw it again WIll caught it in the center and then threw it back. Though it lightly landed in the Blonde one's hand and he immediately spun around and threw it again. Missing this time, giving Will time to run forward. Erylis backed up more, getting off the hood. The next throw, once it returned again it getting thrown again. What was that called and how is he so good at it? The fight continued, getting more fair once Will reached them again, mostly consisting of blocks from will. Then the Blonde one threw it at her. She flinched back but felt nothing, only a grunt of pain and a bit of blood spatter on her face "Will?" She asked quietly, he was still alive it got him in the other arm. She grabbed his hand and looked at him with a serious look "I will fight" she whispered.
Then he transformed into his weapon. "You have to catch them by surprise" Will whispered. Erylis shook her head, she already had a plan from when she watched them "Be prepared for what i am going to do" She said running forward, tripping slightly on the way. There was a voice from the weapon "There she goes, now we know these two are it." It said the Blonde one throwing it again. Erylils stabbed Will through the center and caught the weapon, holding her weapon on either side. "Hey! That's dirty! Let go!" The Green one said spinning on WIll and trying to get out on both ways. Till he transformed back and looked at her angrily. So she took this time of glaring and swung the blade down on the side to knock out the weapon. She only hit hard enough to daze him so she did it again, this time he fell. "Now you are without a weapon, At least till he wakes up and we can be long gone before that" She said trying to ignore the cheers and whoops from will. Though she couldn't help but to smile. The blonde one walked over and glared "Fine, you win this time, but don't stay to cocky. We will catch you someday."


"So that is how you won" I laughed thinking on how the two came back in a funk and wouldn't say how they lost. "You really left them upset when they came back" She smiled a bit, as if she was still gloating over the victory over them. She shifted slightly "Well you should know the rest of the story, I told all that I wanted"
"No you are not, you are telling everything, to the point where you started to tell the story" I said waving my pen around with a small smile still on my face.

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