The Real Lessons That Fairy Tales Teach You

These are the REAL lessons that fairy tales teach you and it's funny too.


6. Snow White (SW)

Never ever open your door to strangers who offer you food especially old ladies and apples!!! Old ladies are so overrated and they only want the world to belong to themselves because they think that they're stupid and ugly and wrinkly since they're old and that people make fun of their appearances (ummmmm, I do that and I know everybody does that). And apples are so after the 1950's! They too are overrated and when you go to the market to buy apples, beware and don't buy the poison ones! (Wait I'm not using common sense. How can you tell if apples are poisoned???)

Lesson (so you wouldn't end up getting diarrhea or food poisoning from old ladies such as SB): never open your doors and windows to strangers especially old ladies and beware the poison apples! And don't take strangers' food!

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