The Real Lessons That Fairy Tales Teach You

These are the REAL lessons that fairy tales teach you and it's funny too.


1. Hansel And Gretel (H+G)

Never EVER own a house made out of candy and never move in next to a house with a couple of obese twins. They'll simply devour it and you'll have a problem there.

And if Hansel and Gretel are starving, why waste their bread crumbs and leave it on the ground for animals to eat it? Use common sense! Jeez! Their parents are spending their money for their food and what they do is waste it? Jeez, eat it! That's stupid. Plain stupid.

Lesson (so you would never face H+G's problems): never move in a house made out of candy which is next door to a couple of obese children and don't waste your food!!!!!

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