Cup of Coffee

Jason was taking us to meet some friends. I got there only to finally set my eyes on a group of my soon-to-be life long friends. They all were 5 down-to-earth lads that Would make my summer in America worth it. One however seemed to have a spell over me. His green orbs cast the great spell. A spell which is known to be called '' love ''.


4. Chapter . 4

I woke up and I quickly brushed my teeth. Soon after doing so I could smell the strong scent of homemade pancakes. I followed the trail and ended up seeing Jerome flipping hot cakes in the air.

'' Hey Big brother. '' I said as I grabbed a plate and fork.

'' Hey. So um I was wondering if you girls wanted to follow me meet up with some of my friends at Starbucks? '' Jerome said as he put 2 pancakes on my plate. I got out the orange juice and 2 glasses. I poured orange juice into the glasses handing one to Jermy and leaving one for me.

'' I guess yah. I just need to tell Di and then we can head out In about 1 hour. '' I said as I stuffed pancakes in my mouth. Jermy laughed at me and I sent him a chipmunk smile.

'' Morning Diane. '' Jermy said as I saw asiana enter the kitchen. I had already put out her plate and fork so she just sat done as Jermy gave her 2 hot cakes. I just poured her orange juice.

'' Thank you lovelies. Anyways what are we going to do today? '' She said as she poured maple syrup all over her pancakes.

'' Jermy said we'd go meet some of his friends. '' I said as I picked up my plate and cup and put it in the sink . I was about to wash it my brother stopped me.

'' Nope. Let me do it. You girls should go and get ready. '' He said smiling a big brotherly love smile at me.

I hugged him tightly '' Thanks Jer. '' I said and I then pulled away walking into the room to get dressed.

I opened up my luggage that's still pack and grabbed a white pair of shorts , a red crop top , white socks , and my red converse. I had every color converse if you were wondering. Once I got done dressing I put my hair in a simple messy bun. After I put on a bit of mascara , eyeliner , and a dark red lipstick. Just to heighten my features.

'' You look lovely. '' Diane said as. She looked me up and down. I did the same to her. She looked pretty as usual. I always envied how pretty she was. Though she claimed that I was beautiful .

'' I like your outfit as we'll. '' I said as We both walked in the living room with Jerome waiting for us.

'' Ready? '' He said as threw his keys in the air. Me and Diane both nodded our heads as we hopped into the hummer.

'' So while we are on our way I got to ask you something Jerome. '' Di said as she sat in the backseat and me and Jerome were upfront.

'' What? ''

'' Who's your lady. '' Diane said as she held up a picture if my brother with a hot lady. Woah she looked hot.

'' No way. let me see that. '' I grabbed the picture from Di and Jerome tried to snatch it. He failed however.

'' Wait. let me. That's nothing okay. '' He said as he out back both hands on the wheel.

I looked at the lady and she was gorgeous if you really notice her features. Gray eyes , nice black hair like Diane , and a nice pair of lips. She was hot and in the picture was holding my brothers hand. They were both smiling.

I observed the whole picture and notice this was newly printed because my brother had his new brown hair quiff. He looked so happy in this picture too and that's all he seemed to be lately.

'' Her name is Reeni. Shes a Macys model. '' He said with a bright smile and I couldn't help but smile and nudge him. He got a good one alright.

'' Okay Jer we are Almost there so we will give you a break and bring it up later. '' Diane said and Then we pulled up to Starbucks.

'' You guys will love these lads they are just chill. '' My brother said and we got down the car and entered the cafe. My brother made us order first however before we went to meet his friends.

'' Hello how may I help you. '' The middle aged woman said .

'' I'll have the Chocolate Chip Cream . '' I said and then Di and Jerome ordered they're own drinks. We waited till we got our drinks. Jerome insisted on paying.

'' Oh Hey Jermy. '' I saw a Irish blonde come up to Jermy and Hug him . He was surely cheeky and had nice blue eyes.

'' Hey Niall. This is my little sister Alice and her best friend Diane. '' Jermy said and then Niall smiled at us then surprising me and Diane with a hug.

'' So Ali and Diane are you going to join me , jer , and the other lads for some coffee? '' He said with his strong Irish accent. He was pretty cute. He's also nice.

'' Yes. We are thankful for you guys having us. '' Di said as we smiled at Niall. Me and Di really could see us becoming great friends with him.

'' Your welcome. Its nice meeting you too. So let's go meet the lads. '' He said as he led us too a table with 4 other lads. They were handsome alright.

'' Hello. '' I said as I looked at the boys. They all mimicked my wave and said Hey.

'' Okay Alice and Diane these are the lads I wanted you to meet. '' Jerome said as they all got out to meet us.

'' I'm Louis. '' A guy with messy but nice hair said as he shook mine and Diane's hand. He had blue eyes and a growing mustache and beard.

'' Hello I'm Liam. '' A guy with brown hair in a quiff said as he bowed his head at me and Di. He had nice brown eyes.

'' I'm Zayn. '' A sexy guy with a quiff and nice hazel eyes said as he shook our hands.

'' I'm Harry. '' I heard the hot nice and deep voice and I turned to see the most beautiful guy ever. He had messy curly brown hair and nice green eyes. He was beautiful.

When he shook my hand I couldn't help but blush a bit. He was downright beautiful .

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