Cup of Coffee

Jason was taking us to meet some friends. I got there only to finally set my eyes on a group of my soon-to-be life long friends. They all were 5 down-to-earth lads that Would make my summer in America worth it. One however seemed to have a spell over me. His green orbs cast the great spell. A spell which is known to be called '' love ''.


2. Chapter 2.

We landed in the California airport tired yet super excited. We were especially starving. That airplane food sucked.

'' Yay!! We made it!! '' Diane said as we jumped up and down when we off boarded and had gotten our luggages.

'' Just wait untill Jerome is here. We can drive anywhere with him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind giving a tiny tour on our way to his apartment. '' I said as we sat on the bench outside the airport waiting for Jerome to show eagerly.

I began to get hot in my skinny jeans and my navy blue t shirt that said '' Beauty Within. '' written in a white text on it. It went with my navy blue converse I wore. Damn it was hot tho

'' You feel that too. '' Diane said as she fanned herself with a magazine she had bought just now.

Diane was hot and I don't blame her. She was wearing skinny jeans , a grey sweatshirt , and grey converse. She thought it would be cooler in here and so did I .

'' Alice! '' I heard the familiar deep voice called out. I looked up to see a thinner , stylish , and improved version of my brother.

I smiled brightly '' Jermy. '' I said as I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He giggled before hugging me back. I missed my big brother Jerome.

'' Hey Jer. '' I heard Di say as she walked up to Jerome and hugged him.

'' So do you ladies need help with those. '' Jerome said as he pointed at our huge luggages. We both declined not feeling the need for help.

'' Nope. Okay. Glad you said that because those luggages are huge . '' He said as he joked around with us as we walked to the a grey hummer. I felt myself stop walking.

'' You own this. '' I said stunned that my brother owned a expensive Hummer. He used to have a weird Camry now he has a hummer?!

'' Yah Jer. You own this because it's pretty expensive looking at it. '' Di said as she looked at the car as questionably as me. Jerome smiled at us shaking his head slowly.

'' This is a friends car. He lend it to me because he's afraid if me embarrassing myself in my scratched up optima. '' He said and then we laughed at him before helping putting our luggages in the trunk.

In the car it was quiet but not an akward quiet. It was a comfortable silence. Though Silence isn't my brother likes to have.

'' So ladies how's Mum and Britain. '' He said revealing his Brit accent that had slightly been mixed up with a bit of an American accent.

'' Oh we'll your Mum is okay . Britain is we'll Britain. Nothing much has changed. '' Diane said as we thought of change. Though nothing new came to mind .

'' We'll let me say thAt America is very diffrent from Britain. It's more. Modern. '' Jerome said with happiness. We could both tell he was happier here.

I couldn't wait however to see and explore most of California. Though it was definitely late.

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