You & I

Niall is the qute dep nerd while harry sweet hot sexy harry he is the bad boy why? Cuz hes emo or at least labeled as one. Sam finds herself stuck in between to tottaly diffrent guys helping them with their struggles. While zayn her brother helps her realize what she never expected.


4. the beginning



* 2 months earlier *


"Hazza! Wake up mate were gunna be late fr school!" Louis yelled at me while jumping on my bed. "Hhhaaaazzzaaaaa!!!!!"

"Okay okay im up im up," i said god louis can be so annoying. I quickly got up as he left my room i put on a black T-shit and some black skinny jeans. I walked to my drawer grabbed my chains and hooked them onto my jeans. I put on my greyish converse and walked out.

"Harry your awake!" My mum said suprised. "I was about to head down and wake you up"

"Nope no need, louis fuckin tomo alredy did" i said while staring at the food she had been holding.

"Mum made pancakes hazyy" Gemma said as she took the plate mum had been holding and settled it on the table. Louis quickly rand to his seat along with liam and i followed.

* 10min later *

"Okay hunny be carefull and have fun on the first day of school" mum said as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Okay mum bye!" I said and walked out

"Behave haz dont get in loads of trouble!!" Gemma yelled out. Dam she annoys me sometimes.

"Aye lou can i drive" i asked.

"Sure mate just be careful unlike last time you fuckin got a scratch on her" lou said i heard liam laugh while reading a text must be daniel.

We got in the car an it took 20 min till we arrived i parked the car and we got out.

"See shes still perfectly fi-" i got interupted by liam "for now" he chuckled and ran off to his gf.

"Dam hazza look at that chick, she looks like your type" lou said i looked at where he was looking and saw a girl about my height maybe shorter she had beautiful dark brown wavy hair and dam he had a belly button piercing.

"Yup shes perf she like your fav band" lou said

"How would you- oh. Dam thats hot i must have-" louis interupted me and said "mate i think shes taken bye Niall"

"Brace face?" I asked as i looked at her hugging him

"Yup" he said

"Well thats bout to chAnge" i said as i walked towards her.


I got out of my moms car and looked at myself. I was proud of my outfit i had on a white crop top it was showing my tummy enough to show my piercing. I had black skinny jeans and white low converse. My hair was down and had a black head band with 'sleeping with sirens' in white writtin all over in. "Bye mom!" I said as she waved and left.

I could feel people looking at me. Great i thought im the wierd out cast with 'the clothes'

"Omg sam!!" I heard a guy say my name i turned around and looked it was niall the guy i hung out with 2 days ago at a little secret place near the beach.

"Hey niall!!" I said as i went in a huged him

"You look so beautiful! Like always" he said

I felt myself blush "so shall we go in?" He took grabed my hand and we walked inside. We werent a couple but i didnt mind holding his hand i kinda liked it.

"So are you nervouse?" He asked as he opened the door for me.

"Umm a tad bit" i said with a giggle

He gave me a warm smile he was cute even tho he didnt dress like my type e was cute and acted like my type.

"So sam i-" niall got cut off bye a guy who got in between us he practiclly wore all black. Props to the chains and the snake bites oo and he has a couple tattoes.

"Hey im Styles, Harry styles remember that youll be screeming it later today" he gave me a smirk. Not gunna lie but that like turne me on.

"Harry can you please be a bit more modest here?" Niall said as he took my hand, i let him keep it like that just to see where thisll get me.

"Um did you say something?" Harry said. Niall looked down at his shoes and didnt say anything "thats right pesant"

"Woah woah wait a min" i said "first of all be nice to my friend here and second i didnt come here to get fucked"

"Aw baby come on i was just messing around" he said with another smirk. Before i could reply the bell rang singnalling to first period. I had history with niall.

As i followed niall to the class so did harry "babe i see we both have the same class together" i saw niall sit down in the front. I walke past him cuz i dont like being in the front. I saw harry he was sitting in the back we some people and i was about to sit in the front when harry grabed my waist.

"Here you can sit here next to me" he whispered in my ear.

"But theres no other seats"

"Lou? Will you please" he said

Then he stood up and offered me his seat i sat down and i felt him sit behind me.

"So babe how do you know that peasant?" He said

"He is no pesant he is ny friend niall!" I said "why dont you like him?"

"Well we have are diffrences" he said "but nevermind that after this wanna hang out with my friends and i?" He said

"Um "i looked at niall he was talking to this cute girl. She wrote down something on a pice of paper folded it and gave it to him. "Sure why not" i said

"Great will meet you outside the doors when sxhools over" he said.

Then the teacher came in her name was Mrs. Silva are english teacher she was pretty cool she let us talk and and use are phones it went by fast. Soon the bell rang and 1st period was over i walked up to niall and wait for everyone to leave.

"See you later sam" harry said

"Later!" I replied i looked at niall "soooo!?!!! I saw that girl did she give you her number??"

"yea why?" niall said he had a concerned look on his face. "are you mad?"

"me mad?" i giggled "of course not I'm actually pretty happy for you!" i said with a smile on my face. after that the day went by pretty fast. it was 7 period i was in my math class bored to death i didn't know anyone in that class and it suck.

'ding ding' the bell rang i quickly got up a took my things and left the class i went to my locker and put my book inside.

"so babe are coming with me and my friends" i heard harry say in a low seductive voice. he wrapped his arms around my waist and i turned around.

​"i wouldn't miss it" i said

"great lets go" he grabbed my hand and led me outside and around the building there was a group of guys and girls hanging there. "hey mates look who i brought"

they all stared at me and greeted me with a warm smile "hi I'm sam" i said in a friendly voice 

"is she your fucking buddy for today?" a girl said behind me harry  and i both turned around to see a very pretty girl. she had long long hair she was wearing a pink sparkly top with some really short shorts. 

"What the fuck do you want madeny?" harrys friends said in a sync

" its May-deny don't wear it out" she said "so harry is she your fucking buddy for today? i see you went low this time she is so fucking ugly she must be a whore"

" Well it takes a whore to know a whore" i said "now can you leave your company isn't welcome here"

"ha omg sweetie that is so cute" she said " its so cute for you to try and be brave and stand up for yourself but we all know harry only wants you for sex"

"maydeny shut the fuck up be-" i cut harry off and said "funny of course you would know i bet you threw yourself at him just to be pleased." and with that she did the hair flip and left.

"am way to go i like this girl" a really pretty girl said as she walked up to me. " hi I'm veronica"

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