my only dream[ a Louis tomilson love story ]

A girl name Maddie meet a guy name Louis Tomlinson when he walked on Maddie getting abused by her mom he takes her and trys to keep her safe


4. love and kisses

*maddies p.o.v*

i look at him will tear filled eyes " yes,yes i will be yours " i kissed him and he smiled  as he whipped the tears away  from my cheek " you are the best thing that has happen to me Maddie," he puts his hand in his pocket "ever sense we were in high school to now i loved you " black tears fall from my face " thats why..." he kneels down on one knee and i cover my face in my hands " will you marry me" i looked at his green eyes knowing he was not kidding and i looked over toward his mom who was crying; i looked back at him "yes " i jumped up and hugged him as he was holding me;he put me down and put the ring on my finger "its beautiful " it was a blue stone. i kisses him and he would not stop.


i lay down on the bed and he gets on top of me and lays down. i smile and stroke my fingers through his hair. he kisses my neck then goes and kisses my collar bone and love bites my ear. his green eyes lock to my blue eyes. He 

                                      He takes of my jacket and keeps kissing me. he grabs my face and looks at me "your fine with this right?" i look at his green eyes and shake me head yes and he kisses me. i feel him inside me, i could not breath. he kisses me sweetly and his lips  his lips were sweet. i could breath again as he lays right next to me. i lay right by him as he puts one arm around me. i kissed him and he kissed the top of my head "night darling "  i close my eyes as he strokes my hair.


i wake up to louis looking at me with his green eyes "you need to stop looking at me " he smiles and kisses my neck  he gets up in his blue boxers "im making pancakes" i lay my head on the pillow and smile "

he comes up with a tray and gives me my food " thanks honey " i look at him and i take one bite "omg,best pancakes ever" i keep eating once done he gets onto the bed and pulls me closer to me and cuddles with me "big softy "  he smiles "so what " kisses my cheek 



i get on top of him and i started to play fight with him and he pins me down and kisses my neck

"i win"



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