my only dream[ a Louis tomilson love story ]

A girl name Maddie meet a guy name Louis Tomlinson when he walked on Maddie getting abused by her mom he takes her and trys to keep her safe


1. bruses stop

*Maddie 's p.o.v*

I try to walk out of the house to meet Louis but my mom picks me me up and throw me to the wall."worthless piece of trash "and hits my lower jaw line. Louis runs in hear and pulls my Mom of and picks me up and runs out of the house.

"Hear lay on the bed "we get to his car and he closes the door "are you ok Louis" he looked mad "no I am not because no one hurts my darling" I start to crying "Louis "I me and into him and kissed him.

"Louis?He looks In my eyes "yes maddie?" Do I have to go back home  he looks at me surprised I said that "no I am going never letting you go I am going to make you mine " I smiled and kissed him.

*Louis's p.o.v* 

She fell asleep next to me holding my Hand. I will make her mine ,all mine .she moved closer to me "I am cold Louis "I smiled and pulled her tight to me "love you "she said still asleep "love you too"I said  wile holding her. 

I woke up to maddie in my arms she rolled over and I saw her bruses on her face. "Darling..."

She woke up and looked surprised "what , babe?" I put my hand on her face and I knew she was In pain. If I made her mine she would not be in pain .

"Darling  I will make you mine " she smiled "I thought I was yours already" he smiles and kisses the top of her head. "Ok we are going" I told her and she followed me too. "Were are we going?" 

"Somewhere safe "  she smiled  "Louis but I am safe" I look at her "with you " I grabbed her hand "you will be safe,and I promise I will be there"she kisses me and finally let me dive 

"Can I get my stuff" "why?" She looked at me shocked "don't you want me to be yours"  "I will get you knew outfits ok"  "why don't you just let me go home ?" I don't want you to get hurt" she  

smiled "ok I will ask my mom's friend to send my stuff " I shook my head and we keep on driving.


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