The Golden Boy

Short one shot inspired by the song "The Golden Boy" by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. This is also included in the "Stories of a Song" compilation that I have going, but for some reason, I thought it was strong enough to stand alone, so here goes. Reviews would be much appreciated.


1. Lyrics

The Golden Boy


The boy had a way with words,

he sang,

he moved with grace,

he entertained

so naturally,

a gesture out of place,

his road in life

was clearly drawn.

He didn’t hesitate

He played,

they saw,

he conquered as a master of,

a master of his fate.


The girl had an iron soul

no-one could recognize

Material ambition that her gentleness disguised.

She gave herself to him

certain of his fame.

Wanted him for luxury, 

for limelight and his name.


And then he sang to her.

I love you for your silence

I love you for your peace.

And sweep into my soul

and slowly take control


I love you for your passion

I love you for your fire

The violent desire that

burns me in its flame,

a love I dare not name


His rise was irresistible

Yeah, he grew into the part,

his explanation simply that he suffered for his art

No base consideration of some glittering reward

The price was knowing that his word was noticed and adored.


I love you (yes, I love you)

for your silence (for your silence)

I love you for your peace

The still and calm releases,

sweep into my soul

and slowly, slowly takes control

Oh, and the told the truth (he told the truth)

Yes, he told the truth.

Accepting every honor with

a masterly display.

of well rehearsed reluctance to be singled out this way,

He started to believe that he was all they said and more

while she forgot the reason she had wanted him before.


I love you for your passion (for our passion)

I love you for your fire.

Burns me in its flame. 

Oh, I dare, I dare not name.


The still and calm releases

that sweep into my soul

(sweep into my soul)

slowly (slowly) slowly (slowly) slowly (slowly)


Take control.


And when at last they fell apart,

she wished that she could be the hardened heart

of yesterday,

as cynical as he 

By changing for the better,

she had changed things for the worse.

the words that made them happy echoed- 

echoed as a curse.

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