This Belongs To Mia

Hey Journal,
I think that, since you and I have to stick this out,
I think that John is an idiot.
and also, I think that maybe we can get along.


1. June 23

Entry 1: June 23


Is that what I should call you? Anyways, my therapist says I should start keeping track of events in a journal. So are you a Diary? Or a Journal? Or do you have a name all your own? I guess it doesn't really matter, you're just a bunch of paper stuffed in a cover. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. John, my therapist, insisted though, he said something like, "It'll help you vent" or whatever. I don't really like John sometimes, he's a cool guy and all, but he tries too hard. He needs to learn to relax. I guess I should tell you my name and stuff? I mean we're supposed to be "friends"????


John what the hell, how am I supposed to be friends with a hunk of paper anyways?

But, besides John being weird like always, I think he thinks this'll help me cope, and "deal with it."

I don't think writing in a stupid journal is going to help me cope, with anything at all to be honest. It's a stupid plan. Absolutely ridiculous.

Anyways, I guess I'm supposed to "introduce" myself.

My name is Mia Hill,

I'm fourteen, going into highschool, maybe.

I go to Bell Ridge, and I live in Bell Ridge.

That's basically all I have to say at the moment, maybe when you come alive and start dancing for me, maybe that's when I might cope.

Hey, Hannah, if maybe you're reading over my shoulder, I think today is the day we first went shopping.

I think..I'm not going shopping today.


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