Lost in the Stars

Right now I am in a strange part of this universe, but I don't know where. My parents told me that I was the future and I would kill life or I would save it. They sent me through in a space ship with a gas mask and an oxygen tank. I looked around on the strange planet and all I could see was the darkness and loneliness of space. Then I took one step and something strange looking walked out and told me to take their hand. So I did, not knowing where it will take me, I was still lost in the stars.


1. Dark Creatures

Dear diary, 

  I was 13 when my mother and father died with many others in 3120. We came from Earth which was ripped apart by us. One by one the human population went down because the Government and The President were captured and taken for hostage. The people that took it over left a video and played it on everyones screen.

   The video said that he was going to kill everyone on earth so he could have all the riches to himself. My parents knew they had to protect me so I can start a new race on another planet. They put me in a weird looking bomb thing but it was actually a space ship.

   I was scared to leave them so I hugged my mom tighter as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "sweetheart I need you to be strong, alright. I need you to be brave and get away from this hell hole Earth has turned into. I will always be there no matter where you are, okay." At that point tears where rolling down my cheek and I could feel in sting my eyes as the smoke and ash started to find its way to us.

   I then asked my mom in little sobs "when will I see you again? Please don't say you are leaving me forever mom." She bent down a little to be eye to eye with me "darling I want you to look at the stars at night time and one of those stars will be me and dad looking down trying to find our way back to you. I will never leave you, I promise

   But that was the last time I ever saw my mother and father. I saw my father die right before my eyes. He was being stabbed and shot brutally and I specifically remember what his lasts words were "death is a big adventure that I am ready to take."

   The space ship flew off before they could get near me. I started shaking from what I just saw and my oxygen level going down. I put the gas mask on and curled up into a little ball watching the Earth fade away into the dark abyss of space. 

   When the spaceship finally landed it was a rough turbulence and before I could duck the glass shattered and almost hit me in the eye so I started to shake again and pray but I felt like I was out of God's reach to pray. I put the oxygen tank on me and opened the door while big puffy white steam came out of the capsule with me. My mother and father did not tell me which planet they where sending me to all I knew was it may be able for humans to live upon. I saw no life at the moment but I felt the presence of another being. I could not breath very well and I felt like I was going to faint any moment.

   I walked around a little bit and noticed strange things like this weird and strange purple goo. I was tired after searching for it felt like hours so I eventually just found a rock and used it as my pillow as I drifted off to sleep or I just fainted from all the air loss. But I don't remember.

   When I woke up I was on something really soft but it was not from an animal it was well I don't know how to explain but the color was something I have never seen before. The planet was cold and dark so I wrapped the blanket around me and started to cry because the realization of reality just hit me and now I know that I will never see my friends or family again or my parents.

   I looked up and wiped some of my tears when I heard a noise coming from the right of me "hello?" I said a little terrified. A started screaming when I saw big red eyes staring into my soul and trying to kill me from the inside. So I did what anyone would do, scream.

  I ran until my heart was begging for air but then I tripped and fell on a sharp rock which made a big mark on my head but then I realized a had a dagger from my dad in my pocket so I grabbed the knife and just as I was reaching out for the demon dog that was going to kill me someone from the shadows emerged and stabbed the beast with a trident but that did not kill it so he had a fight between the beast. I backed away from the fight so would not get hurt any worse.

   The beast lunged at him with all its might but he was to quick so he raised the trident and repeatedly stabbed the dog while saying strange words in a strange language. I looked at him scared to death because I did not know if he was a psycho killer or a nice guy trying to protect innocent people.

   He did not look anything like me. He had gold skin with red and orange eyes, the kind of color you could only find in the deepest part of a fire where the coals and embers are. I felt like I could feel the heat coming from his shimmering eyes. When he was done with the demon dog he looked at me. 

   He was very muscular and looked at me in an irritatingly kind way. He looked my age or maybe one year older. He was quite handsome and then as I was staring at him he started to speak in the strange language again it sounded like this "¡¿kenith sal gorin so lath?!" Of course I had no clue what he was saying so I just kept looking at him until he gave me a confused look and put his hand out so he could help me up. 

   I took it gratefully and he looked straight at me with no hesitation, I was surprised by that because I look completely different from him with my pale skin, brunette hair, and bright blue eyes. His hair is the hardest to explain because it was black with a golden streak of color in it. His hair was also very curly but very straight on the top of his head.

   I tried to say hello but I could not say anything no matter what I tried to say I could not speak so I had my mouth open probably looking like a complete freak. After I looked at him for an even longer time he finally spoke in English and said "I am sorry if I scared you. I can tell you are not from here so will you please follow me I can help you with the mark on your forehead."

   I completely forgot about the mark on my forehead so I put my hand on it for shame of embarrassment but when I touched my cut, it was bleeding more than ever and some dark blackish blood was seeping out of my hand from backing away from the fight. I guess I got a piece of rock or glass from the window of the space ship.

   So me and him walked away as he grabbed my waist and lifted me up because I was about to fall over from all the blood and oxygen loss. I fainted in his arms as he carried me away.

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