Just A Dream

What happens when you're transported into your favorite movie? Well Alex Harlow is about to find out!
When she gets transported into her favorite movie, she goes through simple and excruciating times to get back home. Does she make it? Or is she stuck there forever?


3. Land Ho

~~"Land ho!!!" the man in the crows nest yells. I stick to staying at the railing of the ship.

"Excuse me Miss Harlow," Norrington says from behind me as I'm gazing out to the crystal clear water.

"Yes Admiral?" I ask.

"It's time to lose your sea legs," he says with a smile. I know exactly what he means and I give a small laugh.

Once we get off the ship, Norrington ushers me into a carriage.

"Where are you taking me?" I ask after several minutes of silence.

"To the Governors household," he says in a monotone voice.

Alright, ten minutes ago you were being nice and cracking jokes, now you won't even use more than one tone of voice with me? Okay then Nortington. Two can play at that game!

At least five minutes later, we stop in front of a HUGE mansion. It's the Governors house.

"Wow," I say after Norrington helps me out of the carriage.

"That's what everyone says," he says casually.

We walk up to the door and a butler comes to the door. We wait in the front hall.

"Admiral, nice to see you again!" Governor Swann appears at the top of the stairs.

"You as well Governor," Norrington says with a bow.

"Who is this?" Swann asks when he reaches the bottom of the stairs.

"Alexandra Harlow sir," I say with a courtesy.

"It's very nice to meet you Miss Harlow," he says.

"Father?" a woman's voice sounds from above.

"Oh Elizabeth! Come down," he says.

She makes her way down the stairs quickly.

"This is Alexandra Harlow," Norrington introduces me. Elizabeth and I both courtesy.

He tells his story about how his crew found me floating in the water. Then I explain how I got there.

"Father, we should take her in! I've always wanted a sister!" Elizabeth says excitedly. I smile.

"You don't have to if you don't want to of course!" I say just in case.

"I could never leave a girl with no parents out on the streets!" he says. Elizabeth shrieks in glee.

"Does that mean..?" I start.

"You are now the Governors daughter," Norrington says.

"Thank you so much! It means a lot," I say.

"It's settled then, we must find you a room!" Elizabeth says before taking off up the stairs.

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